Posted 13 мая 2021,, 11:58

Published 13 мая 2021,, 11:58

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Pereslavl-Zalessky, the Homeland of Alexander Nevsky, celebrated the anniversary of the prince with devastation

Pereslavl-Zalessky, the Homeland of Alexander Nevsky, celebrated the anniversary of the prince with devastation

13 мая 2021, 11:58
There was no money for a worthy celebration of the 800th anniversary of its' native, Prince Alexander Nevsky in Pereslavl-Zalessky.

Today, on May 13, Russia celebrates the 800th anniversary of the birth of the Prince of Novgorod, Grand Duke of Kiev, Grand Duke of Vladimir, commander, saint of the Russian Orthodox Church Alexander Yaroslavich Nevsky.

His name was especially glorified by two victories - over the Swedes on July 15, 1240 and over the German knights on April 5, 1242 - their commander won when he was 19 years old and less than 21 years old, respectively.

For example, on May 12, in the Nativity of the Mother of God Monastery in the city of Vladimir (once the capital of the Vladimir-Suzdal principality, which included Pereslavl), the church-historical museum of Alexander Nevsky was opened in the church ancient storage under the Christ-Nativity Church, in the exposition of which there are books and things, information stands and architectural models, revealing the stages of the life of Nevsky, associated with the Vladimir land.

Some events are planned in Moscow and St. Petersburg - where the remains of Alexander Nevsky are buried. And what about Pereslavl, where the hero of the day was born in 1221 and spent his childhood in this city? On the Red Square of this ancient city, near the ancient Transfiguration Cathedral, there is a monument to Alexander Nevsky, erected, however, back in Soviet times, in 1958.

It would seem that the main celebrations should take place in his homeland. Moreover, by this date the regional (and now the city is assigned to the Yaroslavl region), or, more logically, the federal authorities, following the good Russian tradition, had to bring this picturesque town to a normal state, repair roads, houses, temples, build hotels, good it is popular with capital tourists - it is only 120 kilometers to Moscow ... However, no, the unfortunate provincial city did not receive any of this. Journalist Olga Tropkina writes about this in her blog:

“A very loud date, figure. Congratulations. But a little bit bitterly. The motherland of the Grand Duke, the city of Pereslavl-Zalessky, greets this day in a dead state. With monstrous roads. With decayed housing and communal services. With crumbling ancient monasteries. All festivities will take place in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Pereslavl received nothing even on this big date. Rather, he got scraps from the master's table. Very sad. No, to be honest, personally, I am so offended to tears. Well, the former leaders of the city, district, one after another, become defendants in criminal cases for squandering the holy Russian land for cottages. Nothing, let's break through. Happy Holidays!".

As if to prove these words, the public "Our Pereslavl" posted depressing photographs, for example, of the famous Goritsky monastery, transferred to the Russian Orthodox Church with the following comments:

- Disaster. It's just a disaster.

There is also a photograph of Moskovsky Lane, along which it is impossible either to drive or even walk:

- Send Sobyanin a photo of Moskovsky Lane, maybe he will cry and will take pity on us.

By the way, in the same public it is reported that according to the new criterion of satisfaction of residents with the work of their authorities in 2020, Pereslavl took the last place in the entire Yaroslavl region. Is it here before the anniversaries?