Posted 14 мая 2021, 07:17

Published 14 мая 2021, 07:17

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The son of the ex-head of Mordovia was detained at Sheremetyevo for a bribe of 7 million rubles

14 мая 2021, 07:17
In Sheremetyevo, the youngest son of the head of the Republic of Mordovia and the Samara region, Nikolay Merkushin, Alexey Merkushin (pictured), who was also the vice-governor of Mordovia, was detained in a bribery case. Later, the fact of detention was confirmed by State Duma deputy Alexander Khinshtein.

"Alexey Merkushkin was detained today at Sheremetyevo airport while trying to take flight SU-1842 to Minsk. The detention was carried out by officers of the Department of Economic Security and Corruption of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Mordovia in the framework of a criminal case on giving a bribe to the head of a department of the Central Bank in Mordovia, Alexander Trenkin. Currently, Merkushkin Jr. is being taken to Mordovia, where they plan to bring charges against him", - Khinshtein wrote in his Telegram.

Earlier, he sent an appeal to the Prosecutor General's Office that the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation is not taking any measures against Alexey Merkushin, while there is direct evidence in the episode of giving a bribe, as well as another criminal case on fraud in the acquisition of Mordovexpocentre into state ownership ( MEC). The object was overpriced many times over.

Alexander Khinshtein points out that at the end of last year, Alexey Merkushin was charged by the republican administration, but the leadership of the TFR did not support the initiative, although there were two witnesses in the case. Khinshtein writes that “7 million rubles, intended as a bribe to the head of the Central Bank department, Trenkin, were transferred from a settlement account controlled by Merkushkin and registered to his own aunt”.

"In addition, according to the investigation, A. Merkushkin was the ultimate beneficiary of CB Mordovpromstroybank. It was from this bank that the MEC exhibition complex was purchased at an inflated price. In turn, a bribe was transferred to the Central Bank for failure to take measures following the inspection of Mordovpromstroybank, which threatened to revoke the bank's license", - the deputy points out.

Let us remind you that Trenkin - the former manager of the branch of the National Bank of Mordovia - the Volgo-Vyatka GU of the Central Bank - was arrested back in January. He is accused of taking bribes in 2015. The bribe-givers are the shareholders of Mordovpromstroybank. Investigators found out that the bribe was disguised as a deal to sell shares in a confectionery factory. Thus, with a share price of just over 40 thousand rubles, the bribe-givers transferred over 7 million rubles for them.

As part of this criminal case, ex-head of the board of directors of the Mordovian bank Vyacheslav Brykov and other likely participants in corruption schemes were arrested.

Note that a criminal case was previously opened against Merkushin Sr. himself: even during the period when he headed the Samara region, the FAS initiated a case after an official in an annual message to the residents of the region stated that it was necessary to increase the sale of Samara drinks to 80% in 2-3 years. Employees of the service noticed signs of violation of the law "On trade".