Posted 18 мая 2021,, 06:46

Published 18 мая 2021,, 06:46

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Producers were asked to contain sugar prices until September

Producers were asked to contain sugar prices until September

18 мая 2021, 06:46
The Ministry of Agriculture has unofficially recommended sugar producers to continue shipping at 36 rubles per kilogram until the end of summer, regardless of the end of the agreements on price containment, which is expected on June 1.

This was reported by Vedomosti, citing representatives of two manufacturing companies. The group "Syukden", the agrocomplex named after V.I. N.I. Tkachev and Rusagro.

The agency's recommendation is aimed at avoiding price spikes for consumers. The ministry indicated that the Ministry of Agriculture interacts with sectoral unions and key agricultural producers, including to monitor the price situation and prevent unreasonable price increases for basic products.

On the eve it was reported that the department is considering a scenario of a rise in sugar prices after the price agreement is completed.

Note, earlier it was said that in the period from May 15 to September 30, the country will have a duty-free quota for sugar imports in the amount of 350 thousand tons.

As a reminder, the Russian government has extended the term of the sugar price stabilization agreement - until June 1 instead of April 1. The Ministry of Industry and Trade concludes with industry associations, manufacturers, suppliers and retail chains. According to them, one kilogram of sugar cannot cost more than 36 rubles for wholesalers and 46 rubles for retail buyers.

The freeze in prices for these goods occurred in December last year. However, the majority of Russians did not find this measure effective and did not notice the price containment.