Posted 24 мая 2021,, 11:28

Published 24 мая 2021,, 11:28

Modified 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Chief editor of Baza was detained for participating in an unauthorized action

24 мая 2021, 11:28
Previously detained Baza editor-in-chief Nikita Mogutin said that he was now accused of participating in an unauthorized rally on April 21, showing him "even a video from cameras" where he was walking along Tverskaya Street at the time of the event.

"Vests, the abundance of equipment and so on did not bother anyone", - the journalist noted.

According to Nikita Mogutin, who was detained in the evening yesterday, May 23, he was asked for "meeting documents" - a reassignment, a map. "I say that they are not with me", - he noted. They are outraged: "Why didn't you take them with you?" I say that I did not know why I was going, so they accused me of hijacking. They laugh: "A-a-a-a, well, of course, ha-ha-ha!" reported how Nikita Mogutin was detained: "I was turning to Borovitskaya Square from the Kremlin embankment. There were practically no cars. Suddenly I noticed that the traffic light ahead for some reason turned on red, but the traffic cops let the cars in front of me pass one by one manually, with a rod When it was my turn to move, I saw that people approached the crossing, with them there was a wheelchair user. I stopped in front of the crossing to let them pass, but the traffic cop rushed to me and began to wave his baton. I slowly moved forward. I suddenly heard that he began to knock on my car with his stick, another traffic cop rushed towards me, waving his arms".

After Nikita Mogutin stopped the car, the traffic police approached him, and after checking the documents, asked to go with them. Soon he was politely informed that his car was allegedly on the wanted list, and therefore he must be taken to the police station. He was also asked to undergo a medical examination and offered to "remember what he could have done".

The journalist spent about two hours at the police station, after which he was handed an obligation to appear and was released with the words that "they do not know what it was". The traffic police said that Nikita Mogutin's car was given to them on the basis that it was stolen back in March, although it is not mentioned in the search bases.