Posted 24 мая 2021,, 14:01

Published 24 мая 2021,, 14:01

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Covid on Everest: epidemic affected 100 to 200 climbers at a base camp

Covid on Everest: epidemic affected 100 to 200 climbers at a base camp

24 мая 2021, 14:01
Nepal is now experiencing a surge in the spread of the virus, with a record number of new infections and deaths. The coronavirus also reached the base camp of the highest peak in the world, which is located on the Nepalese side.

The fact that they are sick in the base camp, and coughs are heard from the tents every now and then, said the Austrian guide Lucas Furtenbrach, writes Associated Press. The Nepalese side denies the outbreak, but according to Furtenbrach, at least 100 people are infected, including climbers and support personnel, and the real number of infected can be one and a half to two times more.

Last year, due to the pandemic, the season on Everest did not open. This year, the Chinese side allowed only their compatriots to climb, but after the deteriorating situation in Nepal, it prohibited them from climbing, fearing that the infection would come from the other side. In Nepal, the authorities have issued climbing permits to 408 foreign climbers this season. In addition to them, several hundred Sherpas and support personnel have been at the base camp since April.

At the end of last month, the first known case of infection occurred in the base camp: a Norwegian climber fell ill, who was taken by helicopter to Kathmandu and was cured, after which he returned home. Now the Austrians have sounded the alarm. Although several climbers from other teams, who have already been lowered from the base leg, have also reported positive tests. There are simply no test kits on the mountain, Furtenbach said. Most of the teams are still at base camp now. Clear weather is finally expected next week, with climbers hoping to reach the summit before spring season closes.