Posted 25 мая 2021,, 15:25

Published 25 мая 2021,, 15:25

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Pink Sakura diamond sold at Christie's for record price

Pink Sakura diamond sold at Christie's for record price

25 мая 2021, 15:25
Фото: Daily Mail
An Asian private buyer bought a 15.8-carat pink diamond known as Sakura at auction. The stone, which experts call flawless, went for a record $ 29.3 million.

The new record is set by Christie's, reports the Daily Mail : the Sakura diamond has become the most expensive purple-pink diamond ever sold at an auction. The only thing known about the buyer, who paid $ 29.3 million, is that he is from Asia.

"Sakura", the color of which really resembles a flowering cherry, is an extremely rare stone. Only 4% of pink diamonds are classified as fancy vivid. And only 10% of all pink diamonds weigh more than 0.2 carats.

Not too long ago, another pink diamond hit the headlines. American rapper Lil Uzi Vert implanted a $ 24 million 10-carat stone into his forehead, sparking accusations of cultural appropriation of Indian traditions.