Posted 26 мая 2021,, 08:31

Published 26 мая 2021,, 08:31

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Fatal ball of hatred: why Galina Starovoytova was killed

Fatal ball of hatred: why Galina Starovoytova was killed

26 мая 2021, 08:31
The murder of Galina Vasilyevna Starovoytova, which occurred in 1998, has not yet been solved, the investigation is underway. On May 17 this year, the people's deputy, adviser to President Yeltsin, could have turned 75 years old.

The journalist of the Dozhd TV channel, Anna Nemzer, shot the film “Candidate for President” about a possible defense minister, a possible presidential candidate in Russia, about a woman in politics, where women were not allowed before. The heroes of the tape tell why, in their opinion, they killed the bright politician Starovoytova.

Platon Borshchevsky, son of Galina Starovoytova:

- Of course, she called for the unification of democratic forces in the country and could become the leader of these democratic forces or share it with someone. This is rather the reason...

And, of course, the law on lustration and the fact that she stubbornly proposed it to the Duma ... She wrote it herself with the help of her associates. I always talked about the reform of the KGB and security agencies. Fought corruption, yes.

These are all the true reasons.

Yuliy Rybakov, colleague and friend of Starovoytova, State Duma deputy:

- Both... This is a ball of hatred that has woven around her, you know... This is Kumarin with his bandits and interests in the Leningrad region, who was afraid that she might become the governor of the Leningrad region and then he will have a bad time...

This is Governor Yakovlev and his family... Governor (St. Petersburg) Yakovlev, who was afraid of Galina Vasilievna and generally ran away from the meeting as soon as she appeared there, because every time she reproached him for misusing funds or for illegal decisions.

This is the wife of Mr. Yakovlev, who had an office together with the night governor Mr. Kumarin on the same staircase at the corner of Vosstaniya Square and Nevsky Prospect...

These are national patriots, these are the Chekists, who did not forgive her for her attempts to remove them from power...

Each of these parties had motives for hatred towards her.

Sergey Sergeev, nephew of Galina Starovoytova:

- She, in general, was not going to sacrifice her life. It is equally important to understand what you are going to do, to understand who you are working with, how, what...

And yet she, yes, was an optimist, a healthy optimist, a sane one.

She very much believed that, well, people, they would somehow get tired of it and they would want changes.

... Now, if she were alive, I will repeat myself, after all, maybe we would have lived at least a little, but in another country, really.

The entire film by Anna Nemzer can be viewed here.