Posted 26 мая 2021,, 16:07

Published 26 мая 2021,, 16:07

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Russia-USA summit: there will be no reboot

26 мая 2021, 16:07
Александр Морозов
There are no grounds for a "new stage" in Russian-American relations.

Alexander Morozov, philosopher, political analyst (Prague)

Biden will fly to Europe in mid-June. His visit will begin in London, then he will participate in the NATO summit in Brussels, and then he will be in Central Europe, there will be his keynote speech, he will meet in Bratislava with the leaders of the countries of the region, he is expected to meet with Zelensky here.

And on the way back, he will meet with Putin in Geneva. For the United States, Russia is not a “problem”, but part of the context of the real problems that the United States is dealing with, and for Europe, Russia is a problem. Because dangerous inflammation in Eastern Europe is not an external, contextual event, but a problem of Europe itself. Biden is going to implement his strategic course of restoring the unity of the West, to re-establish political communications of the United States in the east of the European Union after Trump's buffoonery fireworks, and Ukraine is already within this circuit. Meeting Putin after all this is a necessary gesture. There will be no "new stage" in Russian-American relations, there are no grounds for this.

What will happen? Biden will step up the "measures and sanctions" policy. And the Kremlin is tightly stuck in swamps on its closest borders - in Ukraine and Belarus, it is now fighting the Czech Republic and Poland along with Lukashenka. Putin took responsibility for Lukashenka and his actions. Therefore, the Kremlin will continue its propaganda offensive and launching fireworks in the region - along the entire line of the "Roman Wall" from Lithuania to Bulgaria - and this in turn will strengthen the unity of the West.

There will be no "reset", Putin has nothing to offer Biden, just as there was nothing to offer Trump. Therefore, further on, the United States will have a policy of "measures and sanctions" only much more consistent and consolidated than under Trump.

This is what the situation looks like on the eve of Biden's European tour. One can hope with cautious optimism that the meeting in Geneva will not be overshadowed by some murder in Europe or something like the seizure of the liner, which Lukashenka undertook right three days before the summit of the heads of the EU countries. Although one cannot exclude fireworks even on the eve of the meeting with Biden.

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