Posted 26 мая 2021,, 07:06

Published 26 мая 2021,, 07:06

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The exhibition "Liza Alert" about the missing children was closed in Moscow

The exhibition "Liza Alert" about the missing children was closed in Moscow

26 мая 2021, 07:06
Фото: Вадим Кантор / АСИ
The exhibition entitled "7" of the volunteer search group "Lisa Alert" about missing children in Moscow was closed by the decision of the administration of the park "Muzeon".

According to Mediazona referring to the movement coordinator Oleg Leonov, the exhibition opened in the International Day of Missing Children on May 25 not worked a day. It was an installation built of seven iron structures, created in the form of spirals. Inside each of them, the stories of the missing and perished children were written in the first person. Some of them were sexually abused, others were victims of accidents and indifference from relatives.

“This exhibition is for adults and has 18+ badges. But the administration fenced it off. Now no one can get inside”, - the newspaper quoted Leonov as saying.

Roskomnadzor monitors compliance with the age limit when posting information about public events. Severe fines are imposed on violators.

The administration of the park clarified that since the exhibition was assigned an age rating of 18+, the law obliges the owners of the space not to allow children there. “And since we are not ready to delay, but can only warn, then the exhibition should be closed”, - the representative of park explained.

The organizers of the exhibition hoped that the exposition would draw the attention of adults to the problem of the disappearance of children, encourage them to teach children safe behavior in various situations, which in the future would help prevent the tragedy. The exhibition was expected to run until June 1.

Earlier it was reported that on the eve of the Day of the Missing Children in the Yakimanka metropolitan area, another work was presented - graffiti in memory of the missing children. It was written by street artist and calligrapher Pokras Lampas.

“On the wall of house number 35 on Bolshaya Yakimanka Street, he printed the names of the children who did not return home”, - notes

As Snob recalls, International Day of Missing Children is celebrated every year on May 25. On this day in 1979, on the way from school, six-year-old American Ethan Patz, who could not be found, disappeared. Four years later, May 25 was declared the day of missing children in the United States, and then in other countries. In Russia, this tradition appeared in 2012.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, about 40 thousand children disappear in Russia every year. Over the 10 and a half years of the detachment's existence, LisaAlert has received more than 22 thousand applications for their searches, and the number of applications for 2021 exceeds 3.2 thousand. Thanks to joint efforts, 2,812 of these children were found alive.