Posted 27 мая 2021,, 14:04

Published 27 мая 2021,, 14:04

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SOS immunoglobulin! An open letter from a disabled person Vorobyov to Minister Murashko

SOS immunoglobulin! An open letter from a disabled person Vorobyov to Minister Murashko

27 мая 2021, 14:04
A resident of Sevastopol suffering from an incurable disease for the second time in the past two years appeals for help to the Ministry of Health of Russia.
Disabled people

In September 2019, Novye Izvestia published an open letter from Yuri Vorobyov, a resident of Sevastopol, a disabled person of the 2nd group, to the then Minister of Health of Russia Veronika Skvortsova, asking him to help him buy a vital drug, without which he was in mortal danger.

To everyone's joy, our publication turned out to be effective, as we reported in December 2019 in the material: “It still happens! The publication in Novye Izvestia saved human life".

Alas, the same problem arose before the same Sevastopol resident Yuri Vorobyov again, almost two years later. And we are forced to again resort to the genre of an open letter, though this time addressed to Mikhail Murashko, who replaced Skvortsova as minister.

Dear Mikhail Albertovich!

I appeal to you for emergency help due to the fact that the lack of immunoglobulin interrupted the treatment of my serious life-threatening disease CIDP (chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy). And the specificity of my disease is such that the absence of the recommended effective immunoglobulin treatment leads to the destruction of the myelin sheath of the nerves, muscle atrophy, gradual complete paralysis and death.

The last time I received immunoglobulin was in March - for the March and April stages of treatment. By a letter dated 03/02/2021, the Sevastopol Department of Healthcare Department of Medicines has notified me that "the immunoglobulin announced for 2021 has not been received yet. It is expected in early April." But the May stage of treatment was thwarted by the lack of immunoglobulin. My appeals to the head of the Drug Supply Department of the Sevastopol Health Department on 04/16/2021, 04/26/2021, 05/11/2021 05/17/2021 remained unanswered. If there are delays in contract deliveries from Europe, it is quite possible to urgently buy Chinese immunoglobulin while waiting for contract deliveries - Russian Post planes fly to China every day, so there are no problems with deliveries from China, and the Chinese immunoglobulin Sigardis MT is on sale!

How is the drug ordered for 2021 still out of stock in Sevastopol even by the end of May (!) ??? And this despite the fact that every month after each stage of my treatment, I notified the Drug Supply Department in writing (!) About the required amount of immunoglobulin for 2 (!) Months in advance!

It seems that coronavirus problems significantly distract attention from the necessary provision of medicines and from the treatment of much more serious and life-threatening diseases, and this situation may be not only in Sevastopol, but also in other regions of Russia. At a time when some health workers are heroically fighting the coronavirus at risk to their lives, some other health workers may have flaws, negligence and irresponsibility behind coronavirus problems.

In connection with the disruption of the planned stage of treatment and the outlined deterioration of my condition, I kindly ask you to urgently intervene to urgently provide immunoglobulin in order to resume the recommended effective treatment in order to stop the possibility of irreversible deterioration.

Respectfully yours, Yuri Yevgenievich Vorobiyov, disabled person of the 2nd group, Sevastopol

May 26, 2021