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Published 27 мая 2021,, 12:12

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Their plans for us: educational McDonald's, low-quality children and psychodelic revolution

Their plans for us: educational McDonald's, low-quality children and psychodelic revolution

27 мая 2021, 12:12
Critical thinking will not be nurtured; play is planned as the dominant form of education, especially for the “lower classes”. In the premium sector, for the elite, "living teachers" will remain, and the lower classes will be taught by artificial intelligence.

“I urge you all to unite. You must understand that these are projects of the government of the Russian Federation and no one except you will save your children. You must unite to defend the right of your children to a good, real education. And, most importantly, when you unite, it should be not just some kind of club of interests, you should help each other - both morally and financially. There should be selfless mutual assistance.

This is the only way you can defend your children's right to education. Remember that together we are strong, and one is not a warrior in the field”, - says Olga Rumyantseva, Ph.D. in mathematics (PhD) at Washington State University in Vancouver, a graduate of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov (diploma with honors, 2010), author of a thesis and publications on Big Data.

“Consider the project of the government of the Russian Federation “Education 2030”.

On the official website of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, you can familiarize yourself with the Education 2030 roadmap.

The Agency for Strategic Initiatives is a Russian autonomous organization established by the Russian government. The chairman of the supervisory board is Vladimir Putin.

ASI office is located in Moscow, in the building of the Moscow Government on Novy Arbat. That is, it is a government organization.

The two main authors of the Education 2030 roadmap are Dmitry Peskov and Pavel Luksha.

Let's take a look at some of the specific provisions from this draft.

By 2030, play is planned as the dominant form of learning.

Instead of professional teachers there will be, I quote, "professionals as teachers".

And you also see - the fourth stage - “Breakdown / liquidation of traditional models of the educational system”.

Further, there is such a phrase - "Educational McDonald's". That means that the quality of Russian education will be the same as the quality of food at McDonald's.

We also see an increase in the number of “non-educator professors from corporations” and “non-educator teachers” in the roadmap.

This is followed by the paragraph "Changes in the pension system: remuneration in proportion to the number and quality of children." Hence. They divide children into high-quality and low-quality children.

By 2030, let me remind you, as we can see, the elimination of traditional models of the educational system (2022 0 2030).

Next, consider the Foresight of Russian Education 2030. The authors, again, are the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, the Russian Administrative Community, and RBK.

On page 4 in the plans - implants and genetic profiles. People will have genetic profiles and some devices will be implanted into the body.

Next, on page 17, we see the segmentation of children's educational services.

All education will be divided into the Premium segment, the mass segment and the low-budget segment.

The premium segment will be an ordinary education with a live teacher, they explain here that these are tutors, tutors, private teachers, and for everyone else it will be games in virtual worlds.

The next item is the legalization of child labor by 2022 - the so-called "Igrabota" (can be translated as "gamework").

"Products of play activities are used by other people and organizations, the child is compensated".

What does it mean? When a child plays computer video games, his biometric data, facial expressions, reactions to what he sees are collected, and this data is sold to large IT companies.

In addition, psychotechnics of personality management are worked out on the child and on the basis of this, some IT products are created, which are again sold to IT companies. It is noted here that the child receives some compensation, but obviously it is scanty. At the same time, large IT companies make huge money on this.

Further, we see in the document a reference to the elitism of in-house education.

Learning with a live teacher will only be for the elite.

Now consider a similar document called Education 2030: Results of the First Stage of Russian Foresight.

On page 3, we again see the breakdown of traditional models of the educational system.

And further, on page 13, there is a certain map on which there are such interesting terms as "Psychic Break", "Second Psychedelic Revolution", "Graphene Revolution", "Sixth Sense", "Point of God", "Everything on the Net" ... That is, these are some esoteric concepts, it is absolutely incomprehensible why this is in the Education 2030 project.

Next, we again see the mention of non-teacher teachers and on page 23 it is designated “school as a play space”.

Once again, instead of professional teachers, by 2030 there will be professionals as teachers.

And the "traditional school" is designated as the "school for loosers".

A more detailed analysis of these projects can be found here, on the "AntiTuring: Anatomy of Artificial Intelligence" YouTube channel.