Posted 28 мая 2021,, 09:41

Published 28 мая 2021,, 09:41

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Alla Lagutina described the seamy side of the TV show "Bachelors"

Alla Lagutina described the seamy side of the TV show "Bachelors"

28 мая 2021, 09:41
Фото: инстаграм Аллы Лагутиной
On May 29, the final episode of the reality show "The Bachelor" will appear on the air: Timati will make a choice between two finalists and give one of them a ring for 300 thousand dollars.

The glamorous picture on the screen is just an appearance, says the journalist and model Alla Lagutina, who starred in the fourth season of the project in 2016.

From the very first broadcast,the girl said the to “KP” - Irkutsk", the participants are deprived of the right to vote: “I was not allowed to say what I wanted. We needed some kind of hype remarks that would expose me in an ugly light. For example, I wanted to tell you that I was born near Lake Baikal - one of the most beautiful places on the planet. But I was banned, explaining that it is not interesting to anyone. Better to shake your underwear and talk about past relationships".

According to Lagutina, the filming process is uncomfortable and exhausting. The girls' phones are taken away and their things are searched: “To the extent that they are digging in their underwear! It was extremely humiliating for me. And the pace is frantic: the girls and I constantly went hungry and did not get enough sleep. What can I say if the first episode was filmed for three days. We stood on heels for five hours without a break. We were only allowed to sleep in cosmetics. Then rise and continue shooting".

The girl admits that due to the situation on the set, she dropped out after the first broadcast, but she does not regret it at all: “I didn't want to look like a clown and a fool, but this image has already been sewn to me. A conflict began with the film crew. Editors are very fond of pushing and suggest phrases that, in their opinion, should be said to other participants. I was offered to approach another girl and make a scandal with the words: “Why are you looking at the bachelor like that? Don't you like him? Come on, get it!" I got angry and began to behave aggressively towards editors. Therefore, I dropped out of the project in the very first episode".

Nevertheless, Alla Lagutina admits, the shooting helped her a lot: after "The Bachelor" she moved from her native Angarsk to Moscow, took part in other television projects and worked as a presenter on several metropolitan television channels.