Posted 28 мая 2021,, 09:45

Published 28 мая 2021,, 09:45

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Andrey Malakhov - about the show "I see your voice": the quality of lies has improved over the last century

Andrey Malakhov - about the show "I see your voice": the quality of lies has improved over the last century

28 мая 2021, 09:45
Фото: телеканал "Россия"
On May 28, the Rossiya TV channel will air the third episode of the vocal-detective show I See Your Voice. Diana Arbenina, Andrey Malakhov, ST, Maxim Leonidov, Larisa Rubalskaya and Aglaya Shilovskaya will struggle with the question of which of the six strangers on stage really sings, and who is only confusing.

“The quality of lies has improved so much over the past century that it is impossible to immediately assess who is deceiving and who is telling the truth, you need to collect several opinions. It seems to me that you should carefully look at the articulation in the second round, when the player performs to the soundtrack. This is the most important round in the show”, - says Andrey Malakhov, who will join the star experts in this episode of the project.

It would seem that the TV presenter has every chance of guessing the false vocalists: on the air of the Live Show, Malakhov brought out more than one impostor. However, on the set of the new program, he had a hard time: “I was promised that it would be fun! But in fact - there are more nerves than in "Live"! Still, you feel a great responsibility when you help a person win a million rubles". Succumbing to excitement, Malakhov even threw a glass of water on Vladimir Marconi when he tried to confuse the stars.

According to the rules of the show, in each episode, the participant and the team of experts get to know the characters who remain silent throughout the episode. Graffiti artist, bass player, student, model, runaway bride and illusionist's assistant - you need to guess which of them will impress the audience with their voice, and who is better off not approaching the microphone. If a real singer gets to the final, then the participant will receive a cash prize. If the experts make a mistake and the false vocalist holds out until the end of the project, then he will get a solid cash prize, and Diana Arbenina will perform her hit with a person without hearing and voice.