Posted 28 мая 2021,, 09:34

Published 28 мая 2021,, 09:34

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Investigators used the "sincerity method" in assessing Furgal's testimony

Investigators used the "sincerity method" in assessing Furgal's testimony

28 мая 2021, 09:34
Investigators used a new method of assessing the reliability of his testimony when interrogating the arrested ex-governor of the Khabarovsk Territory, Sergey Furgal. The study involved a linguist, psychologist, psychiatrist and specialist in the field of drug addiction.

The examination showed that during interrogation Furgal was insincere, Kommersant writes with reference to the text of the conclusion.

Furgal was interrogated for three hours in a free form according to the circumstances of the case. The interrogation was conducted in the presence of lawyers and was filmed. After that, the video was processed in a special program that helps to calculate facial expressions.

The results of processing were transferred to the commission.

As a result of this conclusion, the experts came to the conclusion that Furgal followed the reaction of the investigators to his words. Experts considered that in this way he is trying to exert "manipulative speech influence on the interlocutors".

Also, Furgal avoided the word "murder" in his speech, and also did not mention the names of those killed. This fact was assessed by the expert commission as "an extreme degree of excitement".

Furgal's eye movement was assessed by the experts as the detainee's desire to "avoid steady eye contact." Frequent changes in body position were considered "limbic flight" from interrogation. In total, hundreds of "verbal and non-verbal" signs were found on the video that Furgal was insincere during interrogation, experts concluded. This method of assessing the sincerity of the testimony was previously criticized by the specialists of the Serbsky Center.

They noted that current scientific knowledge does not allow this. Let us remind you that Sergey Furgal was detained last summer. He is accused of attempted murder and murders 15 years ago.

In early February, he was finally charged. Now he is in the Lefortovo pre-trial detention center. Furgal does not admit his guilt.

Supporters of the former head of the region are confident that the prosecution is political in nature. From the moment of his arrest, protests began in the region. Residents demanded that their governor be returned to them.