Posted 28 мая 2021,, 15:54

Published 28 мая 2021,, 15:54

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Stepan Demura: ""Green" electromobiles are a hack job and a chance to get rich quick"

28 мая 2021, 15:54
According to financial and stock market analyst Stepan Demura, the "green" energy plan promoted by globalists is fraught with "enormous upward pressure on commodity markets", since the transition to the same electric cars will require a huge amount of rare earths elements and an increase in generating capacities.

“There is such a wonderful International Energy Agency. Well, it's a sin to laugh at them, but when they publish their forecast for oil, for something else ...

In general, this time they sat down and stupidly counted: in order to ensure a zero carbon footprint in 2050, it is necessary to freeze gas and oil projects today, that's it: exploration stops, old fields are under-explored, nothing is drilled ... That's it, ***!

There is the volume of oil and gas production, and we will stay with it until 2050.

And only in this case can we live in love with nature.

Here. No kidding. You can type and read about it yourself.

Well, that is, of course, scientists - they are not on friendly terms with their heads. An order came from above and I must explain that now you will not ride cars, but will ride bicycles.

You won't have enough money for Tesla, and nobody will need Tesla, because they will be very expensive and electricity will be very expensive.

By the way, there is another aspect of this global warming scam and the adopted plans.

Roughly speaking, this also increases the pressure on all fossils.

Look: behold, copper. If you look at their plans, if you have at least two convolutions, so that it does not work out, like Yarovaya, and the second was a clown - according to the law on data storage, Ozerov, - how much copper, aluminum, metal is needed to create new electrical networks and new generating facilities to service this entire huge fleet of electric vehicles?

Various estimates circulate on the Internet, by the way, they are absolutely reasonable and, I would say, even very conservative, the network should be increased three times and the generating capacities should also be somewhere three to four times larger.

That is, in principle, when you start some new technology - however, there is no new technology as such, there is nothing new here, in principle - there is a technology of the ruling elites - how to make the old technology available to everyone and at the same time cut down the dough, that's what it is. Unfortunately, nothing new has been invented for a long time, since the 60s and 70s.

This is the technology of green electric vehicles. That is, firstly, they need networks that generate power, and secondly, these creatures are on batteries, which means they need a huge amount of rare earths elements . And all this is mined from the earth.

Therefore, if this plan begins to be implemented - and I strongly doubt it, simply because of its huge capital intensity - they may try to print money too, this is MMT - modern monetary theory, which says that governments can simply print money out of thin air , without any consequences. But in principle, this will put enormous upward pressure on commodity markets.

Will this come true? There will be attempts. They will simply face the fact that with such prices and falling incomes, people will somehow not be able to afford electric cars.

But, once again, for scientists and those who want it, this is secondary, the main thing is to redistribute the loot now".

The full broadcast with the participation of Stepan Demura can be viewed here.