Posted 31 мая 2021,, 14:32

Published 31 мая 2021,, 14:32

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Russian dumping: super-cheap Russian chain stores opened in Spain

Russian dumping: super-cheap Russian chain stores opened in Spain

31 мая 2021, 14:32
According to the reviews of the first visitors, there are practically no fresh products in supermarkets located in industrial zones.

Three stores of the Russian chain of supermarkets of the Svetofor group under the name Mere opened in Spain at the beginning of this year. In total, it is planned to open 40 such stores. The novelty was appreciated by the author of the popular Spanish culinary blog Directo al paladar, Miguel Ayuso.

First of all, he noted that in this supermarket you will not find fresh products, including milk and bread. In addition, their location looks strange - on the outskirts of cities in industrial zones next to garbage collection stations. And in general, these stores are like discounters, in which customers themselves open boxes of groceries and rummage in them, or even giant warehouses with a random selection of goods. In Spain, these have long since disappeared.

Half of the store is devoted to household items: towels, colanders, dishes, bags with washing powder, and the other half to products, and they are located chaotically: drinks next to pasta, for example, and no indication of where to find what.

There is also a free-standing section of chilled products, in which cans with caviar substitutes or sauces with Cyrillic inscriptions are piled in giant refrigerators, so it is generally not clear what it is and why? There you can find huge packages of cheese and sausages.

According to its own statements, the company does not have its own network trademark, but there are many products of unknown manufacturers. Rare exceptions are canned food from Celorrio, Barilla pasta, Pringles chips, and Coca-Cola only 47 cents per can, although there are 24 cans in the package. There is also Cruzcampo beer for € 0.44.

There are still few buyers, and this is no wonder: no variety! The author himself bought a piece of quite tasty, and the most expensive, cheese with rosemary (10 euros per kilogram), pasta and canned food brands of familiar manufacturers. All this is cheap.

It's funny that on top of that, the doors to the shops are not automatic, they have to be pushed by hands, from which the Spaniards have long lost the habit, becoming completely bourgeois...