Posted 31 мая 2021,, 15:23

Published 31 мая 2021,, 15:23

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Two more former students of Oleg Tabakov told about the harassment

31 мая 2021, 15:23
Two actresses who studied at Tabakov's course at the Moscow Art Theater School confirmed that Yelena Proklova's words about harassment are true: they themselves and his other students experienced similar stories.

Actress Yelena Antonenko, who lives in the USA, told KP: “Those who depended on him and wanted to make a career agreed to a lot. If they didn't do it, he could ruin his career. In part, I suffered from him. I was in good standing on the course, and when I entered the Moscow Art Theater, he told me: "I will not do anything, just show me your titty". And I ran away insulted". According to Antonenko, Tabakov's connections were not hampered by the fact that at that time he was married to actress Lyudmila Krylova.

Another former student of the artist, a certain Olga, who also moved to the United States for a long time, admitted that Tabakov persistently courted her, despite the difference in age and position. Many years ago Olga studied with the artist in the experimental theater studio at the Palace of Pioneers. “I perceived him as a teacher”, - says Olga, - And Tabakov, apparently, fell in love in earnest. But I began to feel it later, at about 16 years old. In Tabakov's studio, where we were still schoolchildren, I played Gella in The Master and Margarita almost naked. I was wearing underpants and an apron covering the front. I was insanely beautiful".

According to Olga, Tabakov told her about the relationship with Yelena Proklova: “Perhaps he wanted to say by this that there’s nothing wrong with the fact that we have such a difference in age. I was 16, he was about 47".

The artist's widow Marina Zudina responded to requests from journalists to comment on the new information: “Some kind of nonsense. I don't even know who Yelena Antonenko is. People from another planet. I don't even discuss it".