Posted 2 июня 2021,, 12:39

Published 2 июня 2021,, 12:39

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"Let's Go! Zoya! " Shnurov reset his Instagram and introduced a new protégé

"Let's Go! Zoya! " Shnurov reset his Instagram and introduced a new protégé

2 июня 2021, 12:39
Фото: инстаграм Зои
The singer deleted old posts from his account and unsubscribed from everyone. Now on Shnurov's instagram there are only publications dedicated to his new project - singer Zoya.

"Let's Go! Zoya!", - wrote Shnurov, after which he shared with the followers a picture of his new protégé and her album "This is Life". The songs are freely available on Sber.zvuk. The disc consists of 14 compositions and, as Shnurov's fans note, its stylistics resembles the Leningrad group. The ward has her own account and hashtag on Instagram #зоябис. There are already several bold posts about "nedomuzhik" and songs from the album are presented there. “The illusory nature of the choice between top and bottom in an endless universe coincides with the spiritual torment of the heroine of the song. The fragility of being and everyday life is realized by her with all existential simplicity", - for example, the singer describes the song "Paradise".

Some of the subscribers suggested that under the guise of the singer Zoya, one of the former soloists of the group is hiding, for example, Florida Chanturia. Whether this is so, it will become known tonight: the official presentation of the Zoya project will take place at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), Channel 5 reports.

Earlier Sergey Shnurov registered the Zoya trade brand. Under the terms of the agreement, under this brand, he can represent a wide range of services and goods, from furniture and gaming machines to liquids for intimate hygiene.