Posted 2 июня 2021,, 07:08

Published 2 июня 2021,, 07:08

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"Sex is for animals": Natalya Andreychenko told about her new love

"Sex is for animals": Natalya Andreychenko told about her new love

2 июня 2021, 07:08
Фото: инстаграм Натальи Андрейченко
According to the artist, she is in love again, but they have a platonic relationship with the chosen one.

The artist has been living alone in Mexico for many years. Now Andreychenko is 65, she practices yoga and meditation, and is a vegetarian. The actress talks about her spiritual practices on Instagram. Andreychenko recently admitted that she has been crying often lately, and one of the subscribers suggested that the reason for this was loneliness. The actress was deeply bewildered by this version, which she reported on her account. “Well, you have to come up with something like that! I am a self-sufficient person, I have a serious path, and I can only be with a person who follows the same path. It is not always easy to find such a person. And the food should be the same. I don't have animals here, I love everyone! I don't eat anything with my eyes except potatoes! " - quotes the artist "StarHit".

According to Andreychenko, she found such a like-minded man. He not only adheres to the same lifestyle with her, but is also good-looking: "I am always in love, he is very handsome!" However, the love that connects Andreychenko with her chosen one is platonic, since she does not accept sex now: “For me it is disgusting, animals have sex. I understand what it means to love from the bottom of your heart... That is why the coronavirus came, because people have forgotten about the holy truths, they have forgotten what purity is. In English it sounds like "making love", you need to do this when you are in love..."

In the past, Natalia Andreychenko was married twice, to the composer Maxim Dunaevsky and the actor Maximilian Schell. A year ago, they wrote about the relationship of the artist with a young Italian, but she did not confirm this novel.