Posted 2 июня 2021,, 14:48

Published 2 июня 2021,, 14:48

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Without yachts and diamonds: how Norway's richest billionaire lives

Without yachts and diamonds: how Norway's richest billionaire lives

2 июня 2021, 14:48
Norwegian billionaire Olav Thun, 97, donates all his money to medical research funding.

Popular blogger Pavel Fozekos cited in his publication very instructive facts from the life of the richest man in Norway, a billionaire (his fortune is estimated at $ 6 billion), Ulav Thun.

Firstly, he is already 97 years old, but he still works 8-10 hours 6 days a week, and he drives an old Volkswagen to work, arriving earlier and leaving later than everyone else. He just likes his job, and money is just a pleasant addition to it.

Secondly, at 95, Ulav married a woman with whom he had lived for 35 years. The bride and groom sported in those very favorite hats that can be seen in the photograph for this material. Olav Tun wears this hat everywhere, since his beloved wife Sisel knitted it 30 years ago. Moreover, from the inside there is a patch with his phone number and the words: "To the finder of 500 crowns." He generally likes to wear funny scarves, ties and jackets.

Thirdly, Olav Tun once said a wonderful phrase that he was not the only one who earned his huge money, but all those who work at his enterprises helped him to do it. Therefore, he considers it very fair that his taxes to the state amount to more than 70%, since he also "owes the country and the people who made him this way..."

At the same time, Ulav does not earn his money by speculation - he bought and sold, this is not interesting to him. He loves to "do something big." For example, buy a factory and upgrade it, making it profitable. That is why in the last five years alone, Olav has created more than 20 thousand new jobs in small Norway!

Fourthly, Ulav Tun has no higher education. He grew up on a farm and dreamed of becoming a doctor, but the war broke out and his parents did not let his son go abroad. Remaining on the parent's farm, Olav earned his first start-up capital by selling two fox skins, the images of which are now on the logo of his company Olav Thon Group.

Fifth, the richest man in Norway still speaks the dialect of the village where he grew up, using grammatical constructions from 90 years ago, long out of use in the common Norwegian language. So much so that young people hardly understand it...

And sixth, he transfers all his money to a special fund that finances medical research, and several managers of this fund, and he himself, decide where and how much money is better to direct in each case.

Is it any wonder that Norway with such people is the most prosperous country in the world in many respects? These are not 8-deck yachts for you to build...