Posted 3 июня 2021,, 10:43

Published 3 июня 2021,, 10:43

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The Prosecutor General's Office refused to check Chaika's children for corruption

The Prosecutor General's Office refused to check Chaika's children for corruption

3 июня 2021, 10:43
The Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation refused to the Center for Anti-Corruption Policy (DAC) of the Yabloko party to inspect the "garbage business" of the children of the former Prosecutor General of Russia Yuri Chaika.

As reported by with reference to the data of the Yabloko party, the reason for the demand for a prosecutor's check was the data of a joint investigation on the business of the children of the ex-Prosecutor General Chaika, published by the journalists of Novaya Gazeta, 7 × 7 and Transparency International.

"To resolve the appeal in the prosecutor's office of the Russian Federation, you need to provide specific facts testifying to violations of the current legislation, which can be verified by the methods of prosecutor's supervision", - the publication quotes the answer of Assistant Prosecutor General S. Parshina, received at the request of Yabloko.

According to the DAC lawyers, the son of the former Prosecutor General Igor Chaika (pictured) owns one of the largest garbage operators in Russia - the Charter company.

Suspicions of unfair conduct of this business arose among investigators after the firm of the heirs of the Prosecutor General won a tender for garbage collection in the Yaroslavl region. This coincided with the arrival of former FSO Major Dmitry Stepanenko in the region as head of the regional government.

Investigators found out that Stepanenko is Chaika's former neighbor in an elite village near Moscow. Sending a request to the Prosecutor General's Office. The public figures hoped to initiate a check on the validity of the receipt by the Charter company of contracts for garbage collection for 16 billion rubles. until 2026.

Yabloko activists believe that Charter could have won a multibillion-dollar contract thanks to its friendly ties with local officials.

At the same time, the investigators found that the son of the former Prosecutor General of Russia Igor Chaika is connected with the business interests of the ex-wife of the Prosecutor of the Yaroslavl Region.

The refusal from the Prosecutor General's Office to conduct an inspection did not suit the applicants; they appealed it administratively.

Earlier it was reported that the "Charter" of the youngest son of the Prosecutor General Igor Chaika received a fifteen-year contract for garbage collection in the districts of Moscow. In 2012–2014, the Moscow Mayor's Office held nine tenders for the right to conclude 15-year garbage collection contracts for a total amount of over RUB 142 billion.

Under the terms of the contracts, the city pays for garbage collection and disposal services, and the winners of the tenders are required to purchase new garbage trucks, containers for waste collection and build sorting plants and landfills.

“The two largest in terms of lot amount (42.6 billion rubles) - garbage disposal in the North-Eastern and Eastern districts of Moscow - were won by the company“ Charter ”registered in 2012 with an authorized capital of 10 thousand rubles. The latest data on its financial performance is dated 2013. Then the company was unprofitable: the revenue was 1.8 million rubles, the net loss was 9.5 million rubles. But in 2014, everything changed. Having won the right to collect garbage in the North-Eastern Administrative District and the Eastern Administrative District, "Charter" secured itself a multi-billion dollar turnover for 15 years in advance", - RBC reports.

The investigators' interest in the Chaika family is not accidental. The Russian authorities show a "special attitude" towards this family. So, for example, the children of Chaika Artem and Igor received a strange kind of "protection" in Rosreestr: information about them and their property was encrypted under the code names LSDUZ and YFNU9.

By a strange coincidence, the department decided to “decipher” the names of the “star” children of a high-ranking security official in the state register only after Chaika left the post of Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation.

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