Posted 7 июня 2021,, 14:15

Published 7 июня 2021,, 14:15

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"Drowned in the maelstrom of vulgarity": Diana Arbenina is outraged by the Muz-TV award

"Drowned in the maelstrom of vulgarity": Diana Arbenina is outraged by the Muz-TV award

7 июня 2021, 14:15
Фото: инстаграм Дианы Арбениной
The only lively and condemning the attention of the singer at the ceremony seemed to be Morgenstern's trick.

Diana Arbenina, who became one of the participants in the Muz-TV award ceremony, announced that she would not appear there again. “I’ll make a reservation right away: this is my last participation in this kind of performances. And by no means because they gave or did not give the notorious plate”, - the singer wrote on her Instagram.

Arbenika was outraged that this prize had no "rock" nomination at all, and such important performers for national music as Shevchuk, Shnurov, Butusov, Zemfira, Lagutenko, or at least "zhivchik" Bi2 "did not appear at the ceremony. There is also no “rap” nomination, as if in Russia “there is neither Basta, nor Scryptonite, nor Levan Goroziya, nor St, nor Oxy”. Those who went up on stage that evening, Arbenina called "children deprived of talent", performing "hellishly stupid songs". “I was delighted with the epithets “the idol of millions” addressed to almost every helpless freshman who, the stump is clear, in a year will be washed away by a wave of the same consumer goods”, - the singer writes.

The host of the show, Ksenia Sobchak, said Arbenina, whose attempts to "be sharp and dangerous turned out to be old-fashioned and insipid". “Time is running out, Ksyusha. Irrevocably. And there remains only that which has amassed by our advanced middle age. And in your case it is not at all Tolstoy and not Pushkin, with whom you juggled yesterday and who were drowned in a whirlpool of vulgarity".

The only thing that seemed alive and real to Arbenina on Muz-TV was the release of Morgenstern, who tried to protest against the decision to present the Artist of the Year award to Alexander Revva. “I am truly delighted with @morgen_shtern. He really tore you guys up with his antics at the end of this whole farce. “I didn't come for a plate. I came for the truth", - shouted Alisher, furiously chasing steps across the stage. And he’s right. This year, the entire public of the country, from teenagers to pensioners, came with hatred and love towards him. Everyone was convinced that he had earned the Best Performer nomination. And when this obvious outcome didn’t happen, the boy didn’t "take offense", but in a touching, childish way jumped out onto the stage and protested. Bravo, baby morgen!"