Posted 7 июня 2021,, 08:22

Published 7 июня 2021,, 08:22

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Sobchak announced the sale of a film about the "Skopinsky maniac" to Netflix

Sobchak announced the sale of a film about the "Skopinsky maniac" to Netflix

7 июня 2021, 08:22
TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak said that Netflix bought her film about the "Skopinsky maniac" Viktor Mokhov.

“Netflix is taking our film about a maniac that has touched you so much. So congratulations", - Sobchak wrote in a commentary on a post by Esquire editor-in-chief Sergey Minayev on Instagram.

Recall that in early March, after nearly 17 years spent in prison, was released Viktor Mokhov. In 2000, he kidnapped two girls, who he kept in the basement of his own house, beat and raped them for four years. One of his victims twice during this time gave birth to children from him. Mokhov threw kids into the entrances of high-rise buildings. The third child was born still after the girls managed to free themselves. They managed to deliver a note.

After the release of Mokhov in March of this year, Sobchak recorded an interview with him. In it, Mokhov said that he was ready to deal with the girls he had kidnapped again. One of his victims, he even promised to conceive children. She could not give birth more after her release.

After the release of the interview, one of the victims demanded to open a new criminal case against the maniac, who again tried to contact his victims. She received state protection.

Why Ksenia Sobchak endowed Sergey Minayev with the news feed is not difficult to guess. The fact is that some time ago Minayev published his impression of watching Sobchak's film in FB. Here is an excerpt:

“People and animals have a pain threshold. A low threshold means poor pain tolerance, and a high one, like, for example, a pit bull allows pain to be practically ignored. The same is with shit.

People with a low shit threshold can experience an immediate attack of vomiting when passing a public toilet. People with a high shit threshold can sit for hours in a dacha toilet with a hole in the floor, read the newspaper "Secrets of Fate" and eat a sandwich with cheese.

So the shit threshold of Ksenia Anatolyevna is so transcendental that it allows her to swim in the shit up to her eyebrows, take it into her mouth and, like a whale, let fountains out of it towards the amazed audience without feeling any discomfort.

She does not smell at all. And this case is truly unique".

It can be assumed that in the system of moral coordinates of Ksenia Sobchak (we assume that she has such a system), the fact of the successful sale of content to a Western platform "nullifies" the logic of Sergey Minayev's reasoning. Well, the thresholds are different for everyone.