Posted 7 июня 2021,, 11:58

Published 7 июня 2021,, 11:58

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The most important argument: why meeting with aliens is impossible

The most important argument: why meeting with aliens is impossible

7 июня 2021, 11:58
Even if there are some intelligent civilizations in the Universe that are far superior in their technical level to the terrestrial ones, their representatives have no need to meet their own kind.

As Novye Izvestia previously reported, the Pentagon and US intelligence agencies have admitted that pilots of supersonic aircraft have long been observing unidentified flying objects performing maneuvers that were much more sophisticated than those their planes could do. Moreover, the US military said that they studied the crash sites of UFOs, and that they have at their disposal some anomalous objects, the properties of which are used in advanced technologies.

So researchers from NASA announced that they will study this information, and their findings will be published for everyone. NASA chief Bill Nelson told CNN about this:

“I turned to our scientists and asked: “Could you, considering this from a scientific point of view, conclude what kind of objects they are”.

Should we expect sensations from the results of these studies? Network analyst Alexander Vasiliyev believes, that no. And he logically explains why the probability of meeting aliens is practically zero:

“Friends, have you heard about the Fermi paradox?

In short - this is the sacred question of Enrico Fermi - "Where, in fact, is everyone?" We are talking about the absence of traces of developed civilizations in the Universe. The great physicist asked it in 1950, and in 60m, Frank Drake published the famous equation, according to which, in space, it should simply not be overcrowded.

But no one is there. No radio signals, no beacons, no carrier pigeons. There are many explanations - “too early, not yet born, we are early birds”, “we live on the outskirts”, “a great Filter impenetrable for technological civilizations that drown in their own shit, not having time to settle on other planets”.

I will try to state my vision of why we will not meet with brothers in mind.

Distance is the main problem, but that is not the point. Any creatures, before they are ready to embark on a journey of several thousand years, or learn to fly faster than the speed of light, have reached such heights in other areas of knowledge that there will be no need to fly anywhere. Let me explain now.

Before our potential guests build their magical ship, they will most likely have full control over matter, since this is easier than tricking space-time.

And if you are able to create "here and now" any of the possible forms of life, quasi-life, or super-life, you no longer need to look for options far away from parsecs. EVERYTHING YOU LIKE to synthesize yourself.

Thus, a potential meeting with "aliens" realizes for you one of the infinite number of options that you can organize at your side, and enjoy "communication". Why then fly somewhere?

Why waste energy looking for a coin if you can forge absolutely any coin in your workshop?

If we continue the thought, we can come to the conclusion that the closed volume, which contains all the information about the universe (the mind, which is a million years old), will not show signs of "life". "Contact" with this object will be impossible.

It seems to me that the period of time when the mind is capable of some meaningful "hello" is very short, and by cosmic standards it is generally negligible.

Civilization quickly ceases to be a potential interlocutor, we will not meet any "aliens" with a background of 1,000,000 years, since for 1,000,000 years of development, any mind is guaranteed to turn into an "absolutely black body", and it deeply does not care about the entire surrounding universe.

Relatively speaking, while intelligent life is in kindergarten, two worlds can meet, show each other toys, books, maybe even measure themselves with pussy, but this is such an unlikely coincidence - in time, space, and AGE of "interlocutors" that it practically tends to zero.

Yet. Reasonable worlds of "middle" age will understand (unlike us) that unpredictable crap can fly from the surrounding space, which will finish everything, and therefore, most likely, they will hide traces of their existence. This is great poker, where someone else's bet can always be higher.

And the "upper" age, as I said, is generally incapable of any "negotiations". In fact, this is not even a mind, it is a black box, turned into its own infinite knowledge, and turned its back on the rest of the Universe.

If we accept that intelligent life reaches this state 20,000 years after the invention of radio, and substitute this into the Drake equation, everything falls into place..."