Posted 8 июня 2021,, 06:40

Published 8 июня 2021,, 06:40

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Church from the film "The Island" burned down in Karelia

Church from the film "The Island" burned down in Karelia

8 июня 2021, 06:40
Фото: ГКУ РК "ОПС по Кемскому району"
In the Karelian village of Rabocheostrovsk on the shores of the White Sea, a wooden hut, converted into a church for the filming of the film "The Island" by director Pavel Lungin, burned down.

The fire started at 17:39, eyewitnesses called rescuers. By 21 o'clock the fire was extinguished.

The building was ownerless; at the time of the fire, there was no one in it. There were no casualties as a result of the accident.

Currently, the cause of the fire is being established, as well as the damage caused to it.

According to Interfax, this is precisely the building in which the shooting of the film "The Island" at the end of 2005 took place. The hut was rebuilt by the artists into a church. Later it became a landmark of the village.