Posted 9 июня 2021,, 07:28

Published 9 июня 2021,, 07:28

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"The era of tiktokers has come": the general director of "MUZ-TV" responded to critics of the award

"The era of tiktokers has come": the general director of "MUZ-TV" responded to critics of the award

9 июня 2021, 07:28
Фото: инстаграм МУЗ-ТВ
The last awards ceremony caused more than ever a wave of complaints and questions. Director General of the TV channel Zakhar Babin promised to involve an independent auditing company in the counting of votes next year.

Not only ordinary viewers, but also those involved in its holding - singer Diana Arbenina and ex-general director of the channel Arman Davletyarov - criticized the MUZ-TV 20/21 award. The reasons for dissatisfaction are the loss of Morgenstern in the "Artist of the Year" nomination, the absence of rockers and rappers among the nominees, and the abundance of one-day artists.

However, the general director of the MUZ-TV channel, Zakhar Babin, believes that the show has succeeded. “The MUZ-TV Prize is always a kind of mirror of reality and the trends that exist today. Now, obviously, the era of TikTokers has arrived. Our federal music channel is sensitive to new trends and at the same time relies on the interests of a multi-million TV audience", - KP quotes Babin.

Many doubted the correctness of the vote count, on the basis of which the host of the award, Alexander Revva, was named the performer of the year. “The technology of counting votes and determining the winners has not changed on the channel for many years, and it is based not only on popular voting”, - said the CEO. - The idea of the award is based on the determination of the winner in each nomination by the votes of representatives of the music industry and audience. The voices of the academic experts are added to the voices of the audience in certain proportions, so that no misunderstandings arise. By the way, after Alisher Morgenstern announced his intention to receive four "plates", we recorded several large DDoS attacks on the website of the award".

Criticism of the award, according to Babin, is nothing more than an indicator of its popularity: “Maybe this means that the award is desirable, that the award is one of the most significant events in Russian show business, they want to participate in it and, of course, artists can try to declare about myself, so to speak, taking this opportunity". Nevertheless, the CEO promised from next year to involve official auditors in the recount of votes, as is customary in world practice.