Posted 11 июня 2021, 13:17

Published 11 июня 2021, 13:17

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Belgians and Finns were advised not to come to Russia for Euro 2020

11 июня 2021, 13:17
Фото: РГ
The governments of Belgium and Finland have recommended their citizens to refrain from attending Euro 2020 in Russia.

Alexey Sorokin, Director General of the Euro 2020 Organizing Committee in Russia, announced the advice of the Belgian and Finnish authorities regarding travel to Russia.

“Unfortunately, the governments of some countries - as far as we know, Belgium and Finland - have issued recommendations for citizens not to visit some states, including Russia. Probably, a certain number of fans could have stopped it, - Sorokin said in an interview with the journalists of the Sport-Express publication.

According to Sorokin, Russia cannot do anything about this decision. It remains only to "regret". He added that this year there will be fewer foreign fans in the number of spectators of football matches than Russian ones.

Like the Olympics, the 2020 European Football Championship has been postponed by a year due to the coronavirus pandemic. It will run from June 11 to July 11. The minimum cost of tickets will be 30 euros. For such a price, they can be purchased at meetings in Bucharest, Budapest and Baku. These cities are included in the so-called cluster "B". The first cluster "A" includes Amsterdam, Bilbao, Copenhagen, Dublin, Glasgow, London, Rome, Munich and St. Petersburg. Here the minimum price will be 50 euros. The most expensive ticket price will be the finals in London. Category 3: € 295; Category 2: € 595; Category 1: € 945.

One of the venues for the meetings will be St. Petersburg, where seven matches of the tournament will take place.

Due to the continuing danger of COVID-19 infection, restrictive measures will be in force at matches. In particular, it is forbidden to fill more than half of the stadiums with spectators.