Posted 11 июня 2021,, 13:52

Published 11 июня 2021,, 13:52

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

The State Duma is going to ban surrogate mothers from giving birth for the foreigners

The State Duma is going to ban surrogate mothers from giving birth for the foreigners

11 июня 2021, 13:52
A bill has been submitted to the State Duma for consideration, which proposes to prohibit foreigners from using the services of surrogate mothers in the Russian Federation.

As follows from the explanatory note, the purpose of this bill is to ensure the safety of the most vulnerable category of people - children. As an example, the document cites cases of death of children born to foreigners, as well as examples of child trafficking.

From now on, it is proposed to use the services of surrogate motherhood in the country only to Russians in marriage, or to single residents of the country who themselves cannot give birth to a child for medical reasons. All children born of surrogate mothers will have Russian citizenship.

It's worth reminding that in 2020 there was a high-profile case related to the birth of children in the Russian Federation from surrogate mothers for sale to foreigners. Children were found in one of the capital's apartments at the age of several days to six months. Documents were found in the apartment in some of them in Chinese. Their genetic parents were foreigners. The Investigative Committee then opened a criminal case on trafficking in children. Eight people, including doctors and the general director of the capital's surrogacy center, were arrested. In October last year, it became known that children from surrogate mothers were born to a gay couple.