Posted 15 июня 2021,, 12:05

Published 15 июня 2021,, 12:05

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Condition of forcibly hospitalized shaman Gabyshev worsened

Condition of forcibly hospitalized shaman Gabyshev worsened

15 июня 2021, 12:05
Shaman Alexander Gabyshev, who was sent for compulsory treatment to a neuropsychiatric dispensary after the "campaign to expel Putin", told about the deterioration of his health in the hospital.

Civil activist Gabyshev, who, after participating in a political action to "expel Putin" from the Kremlin, has been locked up without a walk in a Yakut psychiatric dispensary for five months, complained of weakness and dizziness, Novaya Gazeta reports, citing Aleksey Pryanishnikov, the coordinator of the human rights organization "Pravozashchita Otkrytki" (the project of Open Russia organization that has been recognized as undesirable on the territory of Russian Federation; the Prosecutor General's Office considered that it was carrying out activities to destabilize the internal political situation - editor's note).

“Gabyshev still does not have walks, and the reason for such a ban is not explained. “If a person is mobile, why can't he walk?”, - said the human rights activist.

According to him, during the five months that Gabyshev was locked up in the hospital, Gabyshev was illegally deprived of the opportunity to use telephone communications. In addition, there is no information about the medical commissions carried out.

“In order to assess the course of treatment and come to conclusions about the advisability of the patient's further stay in the hospital, it is necessary to conduct medical commissions. There is no information about these commissions”, - he explained.

According to the lawyer, the shaman's previous hospitalization lasted less than two months, and the diagnosis did not change.

In connection with the deteriorating position of the shaman, the defenders decided to send a request to the head physician with a requirement to explain the course of the patient's treatment. The legal situation with the compulsory hospitalization of Gabyshev is different in that Gabyshev does not have any preventive measure in a criminal case. According to the defense, "in fact, with the help of the dispensary, the issue of its isolation is being resolved." Thus, if it were not for hospitalization, the shaman would still be at large, but this situation is obviously very inconvenient for law enforcement officers.

Gabyshev was placed in a psychiatric dispensary last year after he announced his new march to Moscow. The examination then showed that the shaman has a psychiatric disorder, due to which he can be dangerous not only for others, but also for himself. The siloviki said that Gabyshev "suffers from an overestimation of his personality", as he expresses ideas "to harm the government and overthrow Putin, since he is a demon and Antichrist", and also "calls for the overthrow of the legally elected government." However, soon after being admitted to the hospital, the shaman was released.

In 2019, a case was opened against the shaman for calling for extremism in his videos, which he filmed during his campaigns in Moscow. He stated that he intended to "expel" Russian President Vladimir Putin, but the security forces did not allow him to reach Moscow, stopping the shaman in Buryatia. The shaman challenged his detention on the federal highway to the ECHR. On January 27 this year, police broke into the private home of Gabyshev's relatives in Yakutsk. They detained the shaman and took him to the hospital. During the arrest, Gabyshev wounded a guard, after which another criminal case was opened against him on the use of violence against a law enforcement officer.

Gabyshev was taken to the hospital by court order. He was hospitalized forcibly because he had previously refused to take medications and see doctors after he was discharged last summer.

This is not the first time that Gabyshev has been forcibly sent for treatment after he announces his next trip to Moscow. This time, he intended to go on a campaign on a white horse to expel Russian President Vladimir Putin. Before that, he made several attempts to reach Moscow, but the Yakut shaman never reached the capital. Each time he was detained by the police and sent to hospital for treatment. In March of this year, a psychological and psychiatric examination declared him insane.

Alexander Gabyshev is 52 years old. He graduated from the history department of the Yakutsk State University, while working as a welder and janitor. Gabyshev did not become a shaman at once. After the death of his wife, Alexander went into the forest for three years, where he built a chapel in memory of his wife and meditated for a long time. At some point, an inspiration came to him. He proclaimed himself a "warrior shaman" and was going to go to Moscow, because God told him so.