Posted 15 июня 2021,, 14:46

Published 15 июня 2021,, 14:46

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Olga Buzova to Russian footballers: "Why you have been scared shitless in front of the Belgians?!"

Olga Buzova to Russian footballers: "Why you have been scared shitless in front of the Belgians?!"

15 июня 2021, 14:46
After a devastating and record-breaking defeat in Euro history in the first match and at home, the Match TV channel is trying to raise the spirit of the Russian national team and is painfully looking for arguments that can take Cherchesov's team out of the group to the playoffs.

On June 14, the omnipresent super-star of all arts Olga Buzova became such an "argument".

Victor Levin

The producers who invited Buzova to the Match TV studio can be understood - literally all football experts, former players and coaches, both ours and foreign ones, did not see any hints of hidden potencies and a bright future in the European championship in the game of the Russian national team against the Belgians. That is to say, neither technique, nor tactics, nor a great desire to win in spite of everything, the football experts in Cherchesov's team did not discern, as, indeed, the coaching skills, too.

On Facebook, someone has come up with a sensational "news":

The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case against the Belgian national team for attacking a group of people in a helpless state.

So it was useless to rely on "friends". But then it came to mind that the new actress of the Academic Theater of the Moscow Art Theater is by no means a stranger to the most popular sport. She has been in an unsuccessful marriage with Lokomotiv footballer Tarasov for 4.5 years and therefore simply has to understand football more than just fans and ordinary Russian people.

- Olga, what connects you with football? - the presenter asked Buzova.

- Yes, I have been married to a football player for five whole years! - reported the guest of the studio as if she had passed, like the wife of a Decembrist, through Siberian hard labor, hunger and all sorts of hardships.

True, the theme of the suffering of football wives, sharing millions of dollars and euros during a divorce from their husbands, did not begin to develop. The emphasis was on the dangers of the profession. On ruptures of ligaments and Achilles, on head injuries during collisions on the field... In a word, everything he saw in a marriage with Tarasov made Buzova forever love football and respect football players (except, of course, for her ex-husband, whose name was not named so on the air ).

But Buzova's special devotion to football is caused by innate patriotism.

- I have watched football in my family since childhood!!! - almost shouted Buzova, adding that she watched the German and English leagues. But this circumstance does not prevent her from rooting for ours. Anytime and anywhere. Because the game of the national team is a manifestation of true patriotism.

- Our duty is to believe in God and believe in Russia. - edifying and pathos uttered Buzova in the eyes of the presenter. - We all understand that television is out of politics. I want to tell you guys: never be afraid of anything! We must get high! Why you have been scared shitless in front of the Belgians ?! Go ahead, fear nothing!..

Here is such a wonderful wish for the national team and its coach Cherchesov on the eve of the decisive game with the Finns, which will take place on June 16 in St. Petersburg.

In one paragraph - complete and absolute nonsense and nonsense about some kind of "duty", about God, about Russia, about television, which, of course, OUTSIDE politics (!), About the buzz and about the tactics of the national team's game (going forward is of course very wanted, but only the opponent did not leave any open areas for risky attacks by the Russians).

Well, so that Buzova's order does not hang in the air, Match TV showed a new commercial with Buzova's participation. In it, 22 big-bellied and bearded fat men play in the yard "holes-holes", and as a prize they flop on the sofa familiar to the body. For Buzova, in this spectacular show, she found the role of a judge in a pink T-shirt and black shorts. After her whistle, the phrase "Big Football" lights up on the screen.

It is difficult to understand what is the point of the video the first time. Either its creators wanted to scoff at short-sighted fat men, for whom active sports are completely contraindicated, or all this disgrace was removed for the sake of a pink T-shirt, which, in her own words, Kirkorov himself could envy. Again, it is not very clear where in this post-postmodernity has disappeared the theme of patriotism, God and inescapable faith in Russia?

However, the TV channel itself, where some very smart people work, decided that Buzova's shameful chatter needed a counterbalance. And the former editor-in-chief Dmitry Guberniev was appointed as such. From a studio in St. Petersburg, a biathlon lover mysteriously asked a heroine from a Moscow studio:

- Olga, do you still drink cognac in the morning? And what kind of football do you like - the football of the great Efros or the football of Cherchesov?

Questions with jokes brought Buzov to instant hysteria and natural tears. Firstly, she cannot drink cognac in the morning, because she has been playing sports since the age of 13 and her figure is a confirmation of this. Secondly, she immediately felt the arguments of the haters who did not want to applaud her role in the performance of the Moscow Art Theater.

Probably, it would have come to hand-to-hand combat if Guberniev were at arm's length, and not 700 kilometers away in the northern capital. But in the end, the situation was saved by an advertising break, after which Guberniev's mocking face no longer bothered the star of all Russian arts.

She fully recovered herself, wiped away her tears and moved on to "patriotic" for God and Russia.

Well, we just have to wait for the two remaining teams in the group stage.

Here is such a "football" on Match TV...

By the way, yes! The sports channel nevertheless found reasons for optimism, reminding its correspondent in a live broadcast that in the successful Euro 2008 for us, the Russian national team also lost the first match to the Spaniards with a score of 0-3, but then reached the third place! And of course, an inspiring example for us is the Canadian hockey players, who lost four matches in the preliminary tournament, but became world champions.

Let us remind you that there were no any Buzova either at Euro 2018 or at hockey-2021.