Posted 16 июня 2021,, 12:42

Published 16 июня 2021,, 12:42

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Cadillac vs Aurus: how Biden and Putin arrived at the summit

Cadillac vs Aurus: how Biden and Putin arrived at the summit

16 июня 2021, 12:42
Putin's limousine is lighter than Biden's, but longer, and in other characteristics they are almost the same.

The cars of Biden and Putin, in which they came to meet each other in Geneva, were compared by KP journalists in terms of technical data and safety. It is known that the American president took a Cadillac, and the Russian one took an Aurus.


The weight of the Cadillac is 9 tons, the length is 5.5 meters, while the Aurus is lighter - 7.2 tons, but longer - 6.6 meters

Biden accelerates to 100 km / h in 15 seconds, and Putin in just 6!

The glasses in the Cadillac are thicker than in the Aurus: 12.5 and 6 centimeters, respectively.

Both tires are non-punctured.

Biden's limousine is more expensive than Putin's, it costs more than 110 million, while the Russian one is about 100 million rubles (a standard "Aurus" costs about 20 million rubles)

Both limousines have anti-radiation, anti-chemical and antibacterial protection, in addition, both are protected by the most durable armor of the VR8 / VR10 class, more durable is used only in military armored vehicles. Both windows and doors of cars are capable of withstanding both machine-gun and armor-piercing sniper fire.

Both limousines have a supply of oxygen and fire extinguishing systems in the fully sealed interiors of both limousines.

Journalists claim that the American car also has a supply of blood for Biden, while the Russian one has an emergency exit for Putin.