Posted 16 июня 2021,, 10:20

Published 16 июня 2021,, 10:20

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"You guys are bastards!" Football fans recall Shakurov's words about Euro 2012

"You guys are bastards!" Football fans recall Shakurov's words about Euro 2012

16 июня 2021, 10:20
Fans of football, disappointed with the performance of the Russian national team at Euro 2020, are actively sharing on social networks and messengers a video with a comment by the People's Artist of the Russian Federation Sergei Shakurov about the game of our players at Euro 2012.

Since then, his words have not lost their relevance. Perhaps they motivate our Euros to do this...

“You understand what the matter is, I’m talking about my profession, when I go on stage, whatever the performance, be it Shakespeare, be it, well, the most difficult, Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, I enjoy... that there it is necessary to make the viewer shed tears, to worry. I enjoy it!

And these brutes, playing... This is a game and nothing else is there... Well, enjoy at least just the fact that you chasing this stupid round ball, pass each other, well, you freaks! They can't get on the goal...

It's funny. And it's sad.

Quit football and stop paying them money! Let, you bitch, sit on coupons and starvation rations, then maybe they will start working, toads.

Probably, we lack, perhaps, some kind of ideological coloring.

Stop fooling around, take care of yourself, then you will hold out and I will walk in this, in gold, in London and so on, live. Here is the psychology. There is no ideology.

There is nothing to fight for. They are all empty. Everyone is empty to the core!

Look at their eyes! It would seem that I was so hoping on Shirokov's acts... Absolutely... It seems that you are a former drunker. I have a complete feeling... Well, who absolutely doesn't give a damn about everything.

There is no such thing... (shows a hitch and a fist with his hands - editor's note)... As Lyusya Gurchenko spoke about her father: here they are, bros, five bros in one, like ladies! There is no excitement. Aggression. Everything is missing. Complete atrophy! Complete atrophy.

Take pleasure at least to yourself. So that you will not be ashamed later.

Give yourself pleasure. Damn, yes, I lost, but what a game it was!

Not! They want nothing, brutes.

You guys are bastards.

... Lord, forgive me ... For God's sake, guys, leave ... If you do not know how to cope, do not lie, the main thing. Don't lie that everything is fine. Everything is not very good with us.

And you don't have to play football. Spit.

Vladimir Vladimirovich, spit on football!

Yes, I am as much a fan as you are. Spit, you can't spend so much money on these goats, by God. This is completely shameless and dishonorable. Give it to the miners! "

The full version of Sergey Shakurov's comment can be viewed here.