Posted 17 июня 2021,, 11:51

Published 17 июня 2021,, 11:51

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Graduates of the school at Moscow State University reported harassment by a famous teacher

Graduates of the school at Moscow State University reported harassment by a famous teacher

17 июня 2021, 11:51
A physics teacher at a boarding school for gifted children at Moscow State University, Sergey Sergeyev, harassed students for twenty years. Seven alumni said that he committed sexual acts with them against their will.

Sergeyev runs a water tourism club at the school and takes teenagers on hikes, according to the Project's investigation. He is also the recipient of numerous awards, including the Soros Foundation for Secondary School Teachers. Some graduates remember him as "a tough teacher who brings students to tears during the physical training", some speak of him as friendly to all students. However, eight former students said that there were "rumors" about Sergeev. 2010 graduate Lyudmila Kudryashova, for example, said that, in particular, in 2008 Sergeev clearly demonstrated to schoolchildren the law of conservation of energy, “gathering all the boys, putting them in a line in front of the class - back of their heads to the back of their heads - came up to the last one from behind and pushed him with his hips:

"This movement passed from the hips to the hips as an impulse, as a result, the first boy in the row flew into the wall".

In addition, during the hikes of the water tourism club, Sergeyev photographed teenagers without clothes. In 2001, when checking the backpacks of schoolchildren before the hike, he threw out his swimming trunks.

"He necessarily photographed everyone naked. I don’t remember what the bjectivation was, I don’t remember why I couldn’t refuse it”, - one of the graduates tells the Project.

Another recalls that Sergeyev came up with a strange "game" when, upon returning from a hike, he printed out all the photographs of naked students, laid them out in front of the students, covered their faces in the photo and offered to guess who is in the picture. He collected some photographs for himself and kept it.

"I was in the 10th grade. Computers were turned on in the laboratory, I thought there were photographs by date, usually everyone can see them. And here, apparently, he did not clean. I opened it, and there were naked children. I flipped to neutral photos, at that moment Sergeyev came in", - said Kudryashova.

In total, it is known about photographing naked Sergeyev 12 of his former students.

Moreover, the physicist conducted "examinations" of naked schoolchildren on campaigns, and in one of their campaigns he shaved the scrotum of one of the teenagers, allegedly for the purpose of some kind of medical manipulation.

"A 16-year-old student Sergeyev offered to undress, and then he began to touch him "for everything" - the penis, the scrotum", - the material says.

In 2009, 11th grade student Sergey Tarkhov came to visit Sergeyev and stayed overnight with him.

"I woke up because he entered the room, tried to stroke me. He started touching my back, began to go down lower, touching the rest of the parts, including the causal ones As a result, he took off my panties, started touching my genitals", - Tarkhov described.

Seven former students of Sergeyev told that he committed sexual acts with them against their wishes.

At present, Sergeyev continues to work at the Physics Department of Moscow State University, opened a laboratory for scientific creativity LANAT at the school. The laboratory, together with Skolkovo, is organizing the Shustrik competition of scientific projects for students, which Dmitry Medvedev had previously attended. Journalists point out that the company's net profit is 20.5 million rubles.

We will remind that earlier the professor of the Russian language department of the philological faculty Sergey Knyazev resigned from Moscow State University. This happened after the students published a collective complaint about his harassment.