Posted 17 июня 2021,, 17:20

Published 17 июня 2021,, 17:20

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"The Danes will pull us with such a game!" Experts and fans evaluated the victory of the national team

"The Danes will pull us with such a game!" Experts and fans evaluated the victory of the national team

17 июня 2021, 17:20
Despite the first victory of the Russian national team at the European Championship, its game with the Finnish national team left many questions for both professionals and fans.

As you know, yesterday the Russian national team was not without difficulty, with a score of 1: 0 defeated the Finnish national team in the second match of the Euro 2020 group stage. The goal was scored by Alexey Miranchuk in stoppage time for the first half. Our players still had a few good chances, but they could not use them, and in the second half they completely gave up the initiative to the opponent and barely brought the game to victory. But the Finnish national team is considered a notorious outsider of the championship. By the way, it doesn't hurt to remember that the population of this country is about 6 million people - that is, two times less than the population of Moscow alone...

Sports journalists, commenting on the outcome of this meeting, were restrained, despite the fact that the Russian national team had a good chance to break into the Euro playoffs. The last game with the Danish national team will decide everything.

So Vyacheslav Korotkin notes the weak play of the Russians in defense:

“As soon as the Finns found themselves with the ball in our half, the heart began to beat faster. Our middle line gave the opponents a lot of space, too often the gaps between the lines turned out to be unacceptably wide, with unacceptable frequency, the attackers took the ball on the approaches to our penalty area without any resistance at all and having several options for developing a combination..."

His colleague Vyacheslav Zalevsky believes that the match was won solely thanks to the individual actions of individual players, and not the team as a whole:

“Cherchesov prepared a detailed and high-quality plan for the match, but the implementation of the plan left much to be desired. The result was saved (literally) by the individual actions of Diveev and Miranchuk. On the verge..."

And despite everything, sports commentator Igor Rabiner feels restrained optimism:

“Sometimes a tortured victory for football players is sweeter than a big one. Because they endured, they did it. True, Miranchuk's words in a flash interview: “We enjoy football” still seem to be a bit of an exaggeration. From the scoreboard - yes, from dedication - yes. As Diveyev put it, “my task was to make Matvey Safonov play for zero today”. From this - also yes. As well as from the winning goal.

But the pleasure of your football, guys, is not yet available. I rode on the subway with the fans, listened to their conversations, and then the communication between people in the fan zone on Bolshaya Konyushennaya. It is we who are analyzing which details of the game were good, we praise one of the players. Ordinary people liked only the result and nothing else. Someone even agreed that the game was not much different from Belgium - the only difference was in the opponent..."

Ordinary fans were even more definite. So, network analyst Dmitry Ponomarev believes that football played by the Russian national team is a courtyard:

“The Russian national team won, but it is still clear how bad the stasiks are. A couple of bright spots in the team are Miranchuk, Golovin and Fernandez seemed to be climbing well ahead. Everything else is courtyard football. But all these clowns are dollar millionaires. The third match with Denmark will finally show everything. "

The owner of the Moscow "Spartak" Leonid Fedun complains that we won "on a thin":

“Tough victory. It can be seen that our class is superior to the Finns, as Belgium is to us. Only, unlike our national team, Finland did not make a single gross mistake in defense. Everything was decided by Miranchuk's technique and Djikia's reliability. In a match with Denmark, more sophisticated in football, this may not be enough..."

And here are some more opinions from the stands of the Petrovsky stadium:

- I won't call anyone shit, but the Russian national team's game is bad. There is nothing to do with such a playoff game.

- The Danes will pull us with such a game!

- Very, very non-aggressive game, simple, indistinct and clumsy. There are no combinations, no hits.