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Published 17 июня 2021,, 17:01

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The price of success. Poor governance in the country is balanced out by overexploitation of resources

The price of success. Poor governance in the country is balanced out by overexploitation of resources

17 июня 2021, 17:01
The expert explained what is the reason for the improvement of Russia's position in the competitiveness rating this year.

Russia has risen by five positions in the rating of the competitiveness of the world's economies, compiled by the International Business School IMD together with the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo. Our country took 45th out of 64th places this year, TASS reports. The improvement in performance is associated with the development of the financial sector and high technology, as well as with a decrease in environmental damage and an improvement in the performance of the health system. Switzerland took the first place, and Singapore, which was the leader last year, dropped to the fifth line. China rose to 16th place from 20th, Kazakhstan - from 42nd to 35th. India ranked 43rd, Chile 44th, Greece 46th, Poland 47th.

Economist Dmitry Prokofiev comments on this news in his blog:

“The neighbors on the list are interesting here - Greece (46th), Poland (47th), as well as India (43rd) and Chile (44th).

The position of the Russian Federation has improved mainly due to the development of the financial sector (yes!) And high technologies (?, Well, let's say) "as well as due to the reduction of environmental damage and the improvement of the health care system" (no comment)

Zones of "competitive strength" of the Russian Federation

- tax policy (16th place) (interesting);

- high level of employment (25th) (only low wages);

- developed scientific base (24th).

In terms of economic development and the state of infrastructure in general, the Russian Federation took 38th place in the rating.

In terms of "government efficiency", the authors of the study put the Russian Federation in 50th place, and in terms of "the state of the business environment" - in 54th

The main problem areas in these areas:

- productivity and efficiency of the economy (59th place),

- social integration of business (indicators "social support" and "attitudes and values" - 57th and 58th place, respectively),

- the quality of management institutions (56th position).


  1. It is clear with whom we should compare ourselves (apparently, the problems are similar)
  2. The lack of "social" is not "effective cost reduction", but a brake on the development of the economy, which prevents the creation of "value"
  3. The problem is no longer "in the roads", not in the infrastructure, which they are eager to improve, but in something else
  4. In terms of the "managerial" component of the economy - the Russian Federation - at the end of the fifth ten.

That is, the inefficiency of management is compensated by the over-exploitation of the resource, first of all, the human resource..."