Posted 17 июня 2021,, 10:06

Published 17 июня 2021,, 10:06

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Two thirds of citizens opposed compulsory vaccination

Two thirds of citizens opposed compulsory vaccination

17 июня 2021, 10:06
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63% of Russians do not approve of the decision to introduce mandatory vaccination against coronavirus in a number of regions. The opposite opinion is held by 2.7 times fewer citizens - only 23%. This is evidenced by the results of the SuperJob survey.

According to the study, people under the age of 34 (25%) and over 45 (26%) most often approve of compulsory vaccination. Also, there are more supporters of this measure among men (24%) than among women (22%).

It is worth noting that in May of this year, 19% of respondents agreed with the idea of introducing compulsory vaccination. And 66% of the respondents opposed it. Now the number of Russians who approve of vaccination has increased slightly.

The survey was conducted on June 16, 2021 in all districts of Russia. It was attended by 1600 people over 18 years old.

It's worth reminding that four regions have already announced the introduction of compulsory vaccination. These are Moscow, Moscow region, Kemerovo and Sakhalin regions. At least 60% of workers in areas that are especially vulnerable to the spread of coronavirus should be vaccinated there - in particular, trade, healthcare, beauty, public transport employees, etc.