Posted 18 июня 2021,, 10:48

Published 18 июня 2021,, 10:48

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The question of the day: will the Moscow authorities allow "covidless" rallies after "clean" cafes?

The question of the day: will the Moscow authorities allow "covidless" rallies after "clean" cafes?

18 июня 2021, 10:48
The Russian authorities by hook or by crook are trying to catch up with what was missed during the previous outbreaks of the pandemic. In response, many only grin skeptically. But in vain...
Moscow region

As you know, the Moscow authorities began to actively fight for universal vaccination, announcing not only mandatory vaccinations for workers in the service sector, but also an experiment to launch "covidless restaurants". The rules of such establishments read:

▪️ all employees will be vaccinated;

▪️ Only vaccinated visitors with a QR code about vaccination or those who have been ill with antibodies will be allowed;

▪️ there will be no covid restrictions inside;

▪️ it will take a month and a half to launch the experiment;

▪️ the first 15-20 such restaurants will start working this weekend

▪️ children with adults will be allowed in without restrictions

Publicist Anatoly Nesmiyan writes about this:

“The absurdity of this experiment does not even make sense to discuss, but now logic is the very last thing. The goal is to whip up psychosis, terror and ensure the planned vaccination rates. Everything is subordinate only to her.

A group of the population VIP (Vaccinated, Immunized People) is created. First grade. The division of society into submissive and still not is in full swing..."

Meanwhile, the Russian authorities have set the task of vaccinating at least 60% of the population. And what is behind this: whether concern for the health of the population, sawing money, or something else - is still unknown. There are only two ways to achieve this goal.

  1. For a year and a half to keep the country in a tough lockdown, in a non-stop nightmare of unfortunate fellow citizens with information about infections and deaths, so that then people themselves will run for the vaccine, as is the case in Europe. However, such a model is very costly economically. And it is precisely this circumstance, and not "consciousness", that played a huge role in the fact that Europeans are massively vaccinated.
  2. Another, much faster and less costly option is to introduce compulsory vaccination in one fell swoop.

Apparently, the second model was chosen for the Russians.

How Russians feel about the government's vaccination initiatives is best illustrated by social media reviews and memes.

Here, for example, is how the publicist Leonid Lyalin changed the signature to the famous Soviet painting.

And here are a few more lines from the web:

- Get vaccinated! A machine of firewood, iPhones, tickets to the circus, time off, money and other buns that residents of different regions can receive for being vaccinated against covid.

In Moscow, those who will be vaccinated before July 11 will take part in a weekly raffle of five cars. In the Moscow region, the stakes are higher: for an injection they offer a whole two-bedroom apartment in a new residential complex in Serpukhov. The authorities in other regions also decided to stimulate vaccination. Let the Field of Miracles begin - with weekends and discounts.

- As a child, I read popular science books and I'm not afraid even of microwaves, let alone vaccines...

- I will take root because of banal stinginess - so as not to pay so much for PCR when leaving from here anywhere.

- Regarding fictitious vaccination certificates, I remembered an old anecdote. The horseman gave his son a pistol, and he exchanged it for a beautiful watch. The father saw it and said: "And when a bad man starts to molest your girlfriend, what will you say to him - "half past five"? "Here comes a bony one with a scythe - and show her this certificate".

- The Moscow authorities will allow to remove from work without paying salaries of catering employees who did not vote for United Russia in the autumn elections.

- We have introduced covidless restaurants, but when will they allow to hold covidless meetings? (the question, in our opinion, is very interesting, especially taking into account the upcoming elections and election campaigns).