Posted 18 июня 2021,, 14:03

Published 18 июня 2021,, 14:03

Modified 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Unknown persons reported about the "mining" of the Moscow's government building, demanding to cancel vaccination

18 июня 2021, 14:03
Unknown persons sent a letter to the emergency service "112" about a bomb planted in the building of the Moscow government. They put forward demands to abolish compulsory vaccination for employees of the service sector and housing and communal services, as well as a mask and glove regime.
Moscow region

The next false dominance is reported by the Baza Telegram channel. Officials from the building on Tverskaya Street in Moscow were not evacuated, but several police officers with a search dog immediately moved to the scene, they did not find any danger. At the moment, the police are looking for the senders of the bomb threat letter.

The other day in Moscow and the Moscow region, and then in some other regions of Russia obliged vaccinate at least 60% of employees in the service sector, catering and representatives of other professions in contact with a large number of people. Metropolitan Mayor Sergei Sobyanin warned that the reserve of hospital beds and doctors, even in Moscow, is not infinite, and more stringent measures are possible, reminds the Kommersant newspaper.

In Moscow, over the past day, 9,056 cases of coronavirus have been identified. This is the maximum daily increase in the number of cases since the beginning of the spread of the epidemic in the capital. Over the past day, 2.8 thousand more people fell ill in the city than the day before. In Moscow hospitals, due to a sharp increase in the incidence of coronavirus COVID-19, planned assistance will be provided only to patients vaccinated against it. Exceptions will apply only to patients with cancer and blood diseases, as well as in the presence of contraindications to vaccination.

"The latest data that we received is that 89.3% have contracted a mutated coronavirus, the so-called 'delta' is an Indian strain", - said Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin.