Posted 21 июня 2021,, 15:05

Published 21 июня 2021,, 15:05

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A prisoner was found dead In the Yaroslavl colony that became "famous" for torturing

A prisoner was found dead In the Yaroslavl colony that became "famous" for torturing

21 июня 2021, 15:05
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The body of a 28-year-old prisoner was found in the Yaroslavl correctional colony No. 1, whose employees were convicted of torturing convicts.

According to Mediazona, the state of emergency in the colony took place on June 19.

Sources claim that the convict allegedly committed suicide. There is no information yet whether a case has been initiated to bring the deceased to suicide.

Earlier, the Yaroslavl Correction Colony-1 repeatedly got into the epicenter of criminal reports in connection with the numerous facts of torture of convicts.

In November last year, the court sentenced the employees of the colony to real terms in the torture case against convict Yevgeny Makarov. He was subjected to prolonged beatings with fists and a rubber truncheon. They beat me on the legs, heels and back.

“In addition to punches and punches, injuries were inflicted by the defendants and unidentified officers of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia in the Yaroslavl Region with a sheet soaked in water, and to enhance the pain effect, the end of the sheet was tied in a knot", - notes.

Judge Sergey Lupanov in the first instance sentenced 11 former employees of Correction Colony-1 to real terms of imprisonment, but acquitted the former interim head of the colony Dmitry Nikolaev and his deputy Igit Mikhailov.

It was possible to get the trial of the FSIN sadists solely thanks to the persistence of human rights defenders after the torture videos were leaked to the media.

“They condemned pawns, idiots with clubs,” human rights activist Vladimir Osechkin commented on the verdict in an interview with 7 × 7. - Their system does not mind. Such people will be recruited and will continue. They were all convicted solely because the special services needed the release of this video, a scandal, rotation in the Yaroslavl administration. Using this example, the authorities demonstrated to European human rights defenders and politicians that Russia is allegedly effectively investigating torture. This is not true. Hundreds of facts of torture have not been disclosed , hundreds of FSIN activists, undercover agents and sadists in uniform have not been convicted. This verdict did not reveal the main thing - the systematic nature of torture in IK-1 and a number of other institutions of the Federal Penitentiary Service”.

After the initiation of a high-profile case of torture in the colony, other facts of abuse of prisoners in Yaroslavl also became public. For example, in 2016–2017, FSIN officers tortured prisoners Abubakar Tsagalaev and Vazha Bochorishvili. The latter could not stand the consequences of torture and died in the hospital from injuries.

Over the past four years, 123 former employees of Russian colonies have been convicted in Russia for using violence against prisoners. Half of them got off with fines or suspended sentences, the rest were sentenced to the very minimum punishment - up to 3.5 years in prison. At the same time, a third of the accused employees of the Federal Penitentiary Service were tried for crimes that ended in the death of the prisoner, or causing grievous harm to his health.