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Published 21 июня 2021,, 15:00

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Poet Alexander Yeremenko died at the age of 71

Poet Alexander Yeremenko died at the age of 71

21 июня 2021, 15:00
The death of the Russian poet Alexander Yeremenko at the age of 70 was reported by the deputy of the Moscow City Duma and also the poet Yevgeny Bunimovich. The cause of death, as well as the date and place of farewell to Alexander Yeremenko are still unknown.

Alexander Yeremenko is known for the fact that in the mid-1980s he created an informal literary group "metametaphorists" in Moscow together with the poets Alexei Parshchikov and Ivan Zhdanov; in 2002 he became a laureate of the Boris Pasternak Prize. He was also called "the king of poets".

As noted by "Novaya Gazeta", among the famous works of Alexander Eremenko - the poems "In block letters write denunciations...", "Horizontal country", "Burning alcohol is like a pioneer." He was the author of the collections "Adding to the Strength of Materials", "A prospector who climbed to heaven", "Invariants", "A sailor will not offend a kitten" and others. The poems were published in magazines: "Youth", "Banner", "Ural", "Children of Ra", on the portals of, and other Internet resources.

In October of the last, 2020, poetic Moscow celebrated the anniversary of the author - articles in newspapers, posts on social networks, publications of his poems were devoted to him. A collection of poems by other poets dedicated to Alexander Yeremenko was published: "And I will tell you about Yerema".

Through the purposeful use of the elements of the sound composition of the language, through prosody, Alexander Yeremenko revealed to the readers the whole complexity of metaphorizing the known world:

...autumn is torn apart by torpedoes of headlights,

the border museum does not sleep until dawn.

The asphalt was blown up with petal mines,

and the earth burns under your feet until the morning...

And they carry yesterday's sun in a stretcher.

And today's delirium bares its fangs.

but only you in this dark situation - are not an Ace...