Posted 22 июня 2021,, 15:21

Published 22 июня 2021,, 15:21

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Question of the day: why does Cherchesov receive a salary 22 times more than President Putin?

Question of the day: why does Cherchesov receive a salary 22 times more than President Putin?

22 июня 2021, 15:21
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The stunning failure of the Russian national team at Euro 2020 makes us think about a simple question in this situation: why, in fact, does the football specialist Cherchesov receive a gigantic salary?

According to the declaration submitted in 2020, Russian President Vladimir Putin has an income of 9.7 million rubles. Dividing by 12 months, we get 808 thousand rubles a month, or about 9 thousand euros.

According to sports media reports, Cherchesov's salary under the contract concluded between him and the RFU in July 2018 is 2.4 million euros per year, or 200 thousand euros per month. Taking into account various bonuses, the amount can increase up to 3 million. Roughly speaking, in the worst case scenario, the head coach of the Russian national football team receives 212 million rubles a year at today's rate of euro, or almost 18 million rubles a month.

This is almost 22 times more than the President of the Russian Federation.

Can anyone believe that the level of qualifications and the degree of responsibility of Mr. Cherchesov is 22 times higher (higher, stronger...) than that of Vladimir Putin?

We are not. We don’t believe.

We also don’t believe that Cherchesov’s generous employer, the Russian Football Union , was trying to find cheaper and more efficient specialists.

In this regard, in full earnest, we propose to conduct an experiment. To begin with, organize an open tender for the vacancy of the head coach of the national team at the rate of the President of the Russian Federation - 9 thousand euros per month, or 108 thousand euros per year.

According to official data from Rosstat, the average income of the Russian population in 2020 was 35,361 rubles per month (about 400 euros), the average monthly salary was 51,083 rubles (580 euros per month or about 7,000 euros per year ), the average pension was 14,986 rubles (170 euros). Thus, a salary of 108 thousand euros per year, no matter how "ridiculous" it may seem to the RFU, will still be 15 times more than that of the average citizen of Russia.

We are sure that there will be no end to potential candidates for the post of head coach, including among more than qualified specialists.

108 thousand euros per year will exactly correspond to that (fourth out of four) place in the group that the Russian national team took at Euro 2020. Taking into account the cheapness of housing services, taxes on salaries and other advantages of the Russian economy, 108 thousand euros is quite comparable to the earnings of a coach of the national team Finland (190 thousand euros per year) , which in the group stage was higher than the Russian national team.

By the way, the coaches of the rivals of the Russian national team in the group receive several times and orders of magnitude less than Cherchesov. The table from eloquently testifies to a gigantic and unjustified pay gap.

After all, after the Danish shame, the Russian team has nothing to lose. The easiest is to start from scratch and find new talents in the coaching craft.

Well, the difference in payment should be spent on the development of children's football and the search for new talents. Which will be very useful for our national team in the future, when a new generation of football players will grow up who want to defend the honor of the country not in words, not in advertising videos of bookmakers, but on the football field.