Posted 23 июня 2021,, 16:04

Published 23 июня 2021,, 16:04

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Practically according to Zhvanetsky: "the deep people" commented on the covid restrictions

Practically according to Zhvanetsky: "the deep people" commented on the covid restrictions

23 июня 2021, 16:04
On June 23, a very witty text began to spread rapidly on social networks and messengers, which the editorial board of Novye Izvestia considers correct to cite without cuts - despite the fact that the author of the text is currently unknown.

For now, we will assume that the following conclusions were generated by collective folk wisdom.

"Hurray! Turkey is being opened! And non-working days, on the contrary, are canceled. At the same time, Sobyanin and his deputy Rakova are telling how bad everything is and the beds are about to run out. Mass events have been canceled, but football is possible. Zoo outside is not allowed, but cinemas can be indoors At the same time, the authorities and scientists still cannot figure out: what kind of vaccination we have and from what it helps, which vaccine is effective and how many antibodies are needed for which strain.

🤡 Optional vaccination, but mandatory, although voluntary, but you cannot refuse, more precisely, you can, but they can be suspended from work or fired, although it is illegal, but they were allowed to remove, and then banned, but not we, but they, and the main one, is not aware ;

🤡 It is impossible to revaccinate with Sputnik, although it is possible, but not necessary, since it protects for 2 years, but after six months there are already too few antibodies, although they are there, but they do not help from the new strain, although they can help if revaccinated, but this is inaccurate.

🤡Vaccinate and you will not get sick, although you will get sick later, but it is not hard, although the strain is already different, so how lucky, but you won’t get sick, but we have a lot of patients with antibodies, but cellular immunity will save you if earlier were sick or vaccinated, but this is inaccurate, therefore, optional vaccination, which is mandatory;

🤡masks will not be needed, then they are needed, but it is better not to take them off, so we will tighten the control, but in fact we will not tighten it, so wear it on the chin as you wore it;

🤡 We will not tighten the restrictions, but then we will, everything is optional, but rest, but work and do not necessarily vaccinate, although it is necessary, you will still get sick, but not badly, although it may be strong, but rarely;

There will be no blockdown, but the epidemiological situation is bad, therefore, it will probably be, the main thing is not to sit on a bench in the park, you cannot, but you can also go to Turkey for tourism in the regions of Russia for cashback;

There is no third wave, but the Indian strain has covered us, but in Russia the situation is improving, but worsening at the expense of Moscow, from where they will be dragged to the regions like last year, but we have a cashback for tourism in Russia, and Moscow is a hub, so get vaccinated to remove masks that you still need to wear, but not necessary, although necessary;

🤡60% of herd immunity will save us, but 60% already was and did not save us, but it was from another strain, so 60% of the Indian strain is unaccountable and you need again, so get vaccinated, but there will not be a vaccine against the Indian strain, get vaccinated with what you have, but voluntarily;

🤡 there will be covid-free zones in the catering, where only the vaccinated will be allowed, but there is no vaccination for adolescents, so we will let the unvaccinated, although the new strain is spreading just by young people, and the vaccinated can also get sick ... ")))))) )

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