Posted 24 июня 2021,, 09:51

Published 24 июня 2021,, 09:51

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Lessons from "diplomacy": the Foreign Ministry announced the right of Russia to bomb foreign ships

Lessons from "diplomacy": the Foreign Ministry announced the right of Russia to bomb foreign ships

24 июня 2021, 09:51
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Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov made a statement that Russia reserves the right to bomb foreign ships that violate international law and state borders.

The diplomat's statement was a reaction to the incident with the British destroyer Defender near Cape Fiolent in the Black Sea. According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the warship violated the borders near the Crimea and was expelled by warning shots and bombing.

The statement about "bombing" and warning fire was soon denied by the British military department, which stated that the destroyer did not violate Russian water borders at all. Nevertheless, the "circles in the water" after the incident are still diverging.

“What can we do? We can appeal to common sense, demand respect for international law. If this does not help, we can bomb not only at the course, but also at the target, if our colleagues do not understand", - Kommersant quotes the words of the diplomat Ryabkov.

According to the Deputy Foreign Minister, the warning is addressed to everyone "who, under the slogan of freedom of navigation, is engaged in violating the state borders of the Russian Federation".

In the Russian Defense Ministry, the incident with a British destroyer that invaded Russian waters is a "brazen challenge", and the British side must give an adequate assessment of the crew's actions.

The British Navy destroyer Defender and the Dutch Navy frigate Everton entered the Black Sea on 14 June. An American destroyer had also entered the waters the day before. The British ship crossed the Russian border at 11:52, firing at it was opened at 12:06, after another nine minutes the Su-24m aircraft carried out warning bombing, at 12:23 the British ship left the Russian waters. After the incident, the military attaché at the British embassy was summoned to the military department.