Posted 25 июня 2021,, 18:06

Published 25 июня 2021,, 18:06

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Vaccinated versus anti-vaxxers: experts discuss how far discrimination can go

Vaccinated versus anti-vaxxers: experts discuss how far discrimination can go

25 июня 2021, 18:06
“I am not afraid of vaccinations, if necessary, I will get injectes! I trust our medicine!" - some people say and go to the coronavirus vaccination procedure. “I will not stab myself, it is not clear that no one has the right to force me!”, - the others say.

The Public News Service held a press conference on the topic “Discrimination will inevitably come. Vaccinated against the unvaccinated". The participants discussed the problem of the split of Russian society into supporters and opponents of vaccination.

The publicist Anatoly Wasserman said that only yesterday he finally got a graft. According to him, he wanted to do it much earlier, but he had contraindications that "ended only just a few days ago".

The current division into vaccinated and unvaccinated, in his opinion, is “another division of society into those who think and those who think “they won't deceive me!”, And therefore “deceive themselves”.

“People themselves, of their own free will, are divided into those for whom it is more important to find adventures on their heads and other parts of the body, and on those who still do not want troubles for themselves and others. Judging by the already accumulated lists of long-term consequences, coronavirus infection affects not so much the lungs as the vessels. Those who refuse to be vaccinated will have so many health problems that they will physically limit themselves in opportunities and rights, ”Wasserman is convinced.

Those who are not vaccinated without obvious medical contraindications, according to Wasserman, endanger, first of all, their own physical and mental health.

“This ultimately leads to physical limitations of opportunities, expressed in formal limitation of rights. So I see no reason to talk about discrimination in the spirit of the recent very beautiful and very theatrical monologue of Yegor Beroev.

“I see here, first of all, grounds for physiological conclusions, and very sad ones. But if we still talk about the division of rights, in my opinion, society has the right to refer to various international declarations on human rights, which clearly states that these same rights can be limited, among other things, and for the protection of public health, ”- said Wasserman.

He also noted that the most serious epidemics happened before, but most of them were suppressed within a reasonable time.

“In our country, I'm afraid, the main problem is not even that vaccines have been created for a long time - just coped with it extremely quickly - our main problem today is the unprecedented massive anti-vaccination campaign. It is so massive that I would not be surprised to learn that there are some specific rather large and, mainly foreign, sources of funding for this campaign behind it. Foreigners not because I am a supporter of a conspiracy theory, but because there is no funding in the Russian Federation for a campaign of this magnitude, ”Anatoly Wasserman believes.

Olga Chetverikova, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor, Director of the Center for Geopolitics at Moscow University for the Humanities, has a radically opposite point of view.

“When Peskov said that discrimination was inevitable, he did not take into account the fact that punishment for such extremist statements was also inevitable.

“We must clearly understand that preparations are underway to dismantle the constitutional order, this is exactly what we are talking about. After the closure of public catering, the closure of hospitals, the closure of shops for all unvaccinated people, the closure of transport - as already now in the Moscow region, Vorobyov wants to do this for buses, but it is clear that this will then affect everything; then the Internet will be disconnected, then - bank cards, and indeed, as a result, people will become outcasts. Moreover, I want to emphasize, the majority of the population. How it's called? We have studied fascism well, ”noted Olga Chetverikova.

Now, in her opinion, very important processes are taking place in society: if before that someone else doubted exactly what goals the "oligarchic regime" sets for itself - today everything becomes clear.

“We must finally achieve an open public discussion of the situation in medicine and the coronavirus so that all information is available to the population. An open, broad discussion is needed. There are enough people who are not afraid to speak the truth. And I very much hope that the fact that now such political arbitrariness has begun will help citizens to see and realize that their rights actually mean nothing. The more arbitrariness, the more people wake up. People want to know the truth, because we are already talking about their lives, ”Olga Chetverikova emphasized.

She also said that although there is still no centralized database on complications after vaccination against coronavirus, which must be created, word of mouth is working properly: “Information from clinics, from hospitals - it is collected and, sooner or later, will become public ... Ahead is wide educational work, including legal work, awareness is ahead, correct decisions are made. People must remember that we are on our own land, that we have a Constitution, we have a Law that is being violated today. "

Olga Chetverikova noted that the situation with the coronavirus around the world is largely presented false.

“Now in the West, unlike us, because the Russian Academy of Sciences, in fact, has imposed a ban on this topic, a lot of studies have been published, which say that the situation with the coronavirus is largely falsified. From the fact that the virus itself has not yet been isolated, there are many false tests and ending with the fact that the vaccine is not really a vaccine, but an experimental genetic drug. And since the vaccine is a genetic experimental drug, Western pharmaceutical companies have falsified clinical trial results because they need the US Department of Health's approval to pass it off as a vaccine. They are well aware that they will not be able to do this for a long time, and have changed the name of the definition of the vaccine. Previously, a vaccine was defined as a drug that generates immunity, but now it is called a "preparation of genetic material", which is used by the cells of the body to obtain an antigenic substance, "Chetverikova said.

The leader of the public movement "Immune Response" Alexandra Mashkova-Blagikh noted that last year opened people's eyes to the essence of what was happening.

“People realized that, it turns out, their health is in their hands, the education of their children is in their hands, rights and freedoms are your rights and freedoms, and there is no Santa Claus who would be in the State Duma, the Ministry of Health or somewhere else. for some reason to fight for you.

This knowledge in the beginning deeply shocked people, but now I see that people are beginning to realize that rights come directly with responsibility and directly go with protection of rights. That is, if people want to be left alone, then they must have such a virtual gun - namely: knowledge of the laws, knowledge of those processes, those boundaries, which in no case should be crossed.

People began to understand that there are areas in which the responsibility lies only with themselves. This has to do not only with medicine, but with the general, so to speak, the location of a person in space. And this can be called an absolutely positive story against the background of absolutely outrageous events taking place, ”said Mashkova-Blagikh.

According to her, there are "two harmful and terrible conditions" into which our society was immersed from year to year.

“This is a state of learned helplessness - well, what depends on you, you are a small person, sit, they will do everything for you. And the second state, also no less harmful, is the state of a besieged fortress. This is when supposedly everyone has already surrendered, everyone has already accepted the conditions and agree to any outrage, and you are standing alone, well, maybe there are two or three of you, who are holding a wall beyond which the enemy must not break through; but the enemy will surely break through, it's a matter of time.

But the situation is actually different: people are masters in their home, this is their country, this is their land, these are their rights, freedoms, these are their ancestors, these are their children and their future. And some strange people came to their house with some strange laws and fantasies. You know, I, of course, love to read the reports of the IMF and what they thought up and decided there, but, listen, these are their fantasies, they can think up and decide whatever they want. An ordinary person should realize that he is the master in the living room and - that this is the IMF for us and that these decisions are for us!

I know that there is intimidation at the level of "they will not give us loans, money" and something else, well, go with your loans and money! We have potatoes, we have you and me, we have 99% of our residents who can somehow organize themselves without your IMF loans. I understand that all this sounds rude, but I want to convey the essence of what matures and is born within our people, and I consider this process deeply positive, ”the human rights activist noted.

Alexandra Mashkova-Blagikh is convinced that "segregation in our state is unacceptable at a deep level."

She noted that the newly introduced regulations "contradict the Constitution, federal laws, the labor code and so on, and are aimed at scaring employers, scaring people and not allowing them to give a legal and moral assessment of what is happening."

“Our man, perhaps, will not fight, clinging to every letter of the law, as Americans like to do, our people treat this, shall we say, broadly, powerfully and very steadily. I believe in our people and that this story will be difficult, painful, people may lose their comfort, but in the end they will not lose themselves. ... I am sure that the voices of citizens will eventually overshadow the voices of people who are trying to arrange criminal discrimination in our country. "

The full recording of the press conference can be viewed here.