Posted 28 июня 2021,, 16:37

Published 28 июня 2021,, 16:37

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Nikolay Starikov: "Compulsory vaccination is the second pension reform"

Nikolay Starikov: "Compulsory vaccination is the second pension reform"

28 июня 2021, 16:37
Political scientist and public figure Nikolai Starikov posted on his YouTube channel an appeal regarding the compulsion to vaccinate in Russia.

“Last week brought a lot of letters and questions about the introduction of compulsory vaccination in Russia. On this occasion, I would like to express myself directly and clearly.

Why don't people want to be vaccinated? Probably, many reasons can be reduced to one or two, and maybe even to one: people do not understand why this is necessary and what consequences it will lead to.

To put it simply: people do not understand what will happen to the person who was vaccinated after a while. This is the main problem.

Our people are generally responsible people. Those who say that the citizens of Russia, Russian people do not want to be vaccinated, because they do not care about their health - no, the opposite is true! People, on the contrary, think about their health, think about future children, think about their loved ones and relatives and, based on this understanding, from their formed view, and make a decision.

Let's take my family as an example. I have had coronavirus. Oddly enough, neither my daughters nor my wife got sick with coronavirus, although they were with me. My elderly mom went and got the vaccine.

My wife, who is an infectious disease specialist by profession, does not want to do this, because she does not understand the array of information that is given to her from television, radio, and newspapers. Despite the fact that she has a higher medical education.

Let's try to speculate on this topic, friends, I think that in your family this invisible front line runs in the same way, when someone says that you need to be vaccinated, and someone says that you do not need to be vaccinated at this moment there are decrees of some governors who say that entrepreneurs should, are required to vaccinate 60% of their employees.

I would like to ask: how? To force them is a violation of their constitutional rights. To fire them from work if they are not vaccinated - so, sorry, there is no such article in the Labor Code - dismissal for lack of any vaccination.

That is, the state carries out some actions practically outside the legal framework.

Moreover, this is done as if, gradually: you have to, but we, of course, do not force you.

Here in one structure they say to employees: you must get vaccinated, but if you do not get vaccinated, then you must bring the result of a PCR test every few days, and the analysis costs 2,500 rubles.

That is, they do not seem to be forced, but it is clear that if you spend 5,000 rubles a week on tests, then work sometimes loses its meaning.

… If you want people to be vaccinated, explain everything to them clearly and clearly. Explain this to my wife, an infectious disease specialist, who, by the nature of his work and education, must understand everything, but she does not understand.

The information is absolutely contradictory and lacks some kind of internal logic.

Some time ago, the Russian state stopped flights to Turkey, because there is an outbreak of coronavirus in Turkey. Here it is clear to us: there is a coronavirus in Turkey and so that it is not brought to us, we do not fly there.

What's going on now? Simultaneously with the talk that everyone should be vaccinated and that it must be done without fail, I am surprised to read that Russia is resuming and strengthening flights to Turkey. That is, we now want to share our outbreak of coronavirus with Turkey, or what? Is this in this logic?

Or since we already have a lot of different and infectious coronavirus, it doesn't matter if they bring it back to us from Turkey?

This logic is incomprehensible to me.

If we have an outbreak, we must close air traffic and refuse to host football championship matches. If the main thing is that no one gets sick, that there is no growth of the disease, then there is simply no other behavior. But we, it turns out, have a variation: we would like to hold matches, launch planes, and please the Turks, but at the same time, so that the number of cases does not increase. But, probably, it just doesn't work that way.

I do not observe any logic here.

See how the Nazis acted on the territory of the Soviet Union? They tried by force and fear to induce the Russian people to do something. The result was diametrically opposite. The partisan movement only grew. Why? Well, a Russian person will understand: because you can't do that.

The methods of violence and attempts to create some kind of horror story regarding the coronavirus - they, too, I assure you, will not give any result.

Well, why talk about the fact that in Russia all the troubles from the unexpectedly appeared terrible Indian coronavirus, if it was 6-8% in India, says Vitaly Zverev, one of the world-famous virologists and doctors in this field.

Why talk about the fact that a vaccine developed BEFORE the notorious Indian coranavirus appeared will help develop antibodies that act on it, if right there, in a neighboring program, we are told that it is completely different and if you have been ill and have once been vaccinated - all this does not work and now you need to be vaccinated again.

But the vaccine was developed before the appearance of this very Indian coronavirus. Where is the logic? There is no logic.

And therefore, a sane Russian person, accustomed with healthy skepticism, over the decades of Soviet power, to perceive the actions of his superiors, sits and thinks: something is wrong here. Some say one thing, others say another.

Our esteemed president speaks and says: vaccination in Russia is strictly voluntary. Valentina Matvienko, the head of the Upper House of Parliament, speaks and says the same thing. Vyacheslav Viktorovich Volodin, head of the Lower House of Parliament, says, rejecting the bill on the compulsory introduction of vaccination against coronavirus in the calendar of vaccines and vaccinations, that you have not made an additional amendment that vaccination is voluntary, therefore the State Duma is postponing the consideration of this bill until the fall.

That is, in fact, the new composition of the State Duma will consider this bill.

After that, the head of Moscow and other regions issues an order on, in fact, forced vaccination.

How does one fit into the other? Doesn't fit.

Therefore, we feel some kind of imbalance in actions, words, deeds and meanings in the actions of state structures, which should be united in their position.

Or, please, information is published that the head of Rospotrebnadzor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Mrs. Anna Popova, is one of the authors of one of the vaccines - "EpiVacCorona". The question arises: if there is a patent and if there is a list of the authors of the patent, can we assume that the authors of the patent receive some funds, dividends from this patent, if the drugs released under it are used, purchased, distributed and people are vaccinated? Probably, it is logical to assume this.

Is there some kind of conflict of interest between the performance of the duties of the head of Rospotrebnadzor and the receipt of potential, possible dividends from the fact that it is included in the patent of this vaccine? It seems to me that there is some kind of contradiction.

That is, you cannot force people to be vaccinated. It is necessary to explain to the person why he should do it. And in a conversation with a citizen of the Russian Federation, there should be no other tone on the part of the state. We are adults. Do not frighten us, and even more so do not force us.

... And now we see that the West is moving towards the reduction of human rights, the imposition of covid passports, and in Russia we have politicians, civil servants, managers who are ready to follow in the same channel, enter into polemics with the head of state.

Attempts to forcibly vaccinate or organize this process in Russia, first: they look like following a certain global course of Western states that have declared us enemies, they are not preparing anything good for us, they are constantly fighting with us - but for some reason, our officials believe in this matter, that they there, the globalists, know better.

Second, it looks like a huge disrespect for our people. The President constantly emphasizes respect for the Russian people, in each of his speeches there is love for citizens, the fatherland and the country. What are the officials telling us? 10% of Russian citizens were vaccinated - they are conscious people, and 90% are uneducated, stupid, narrow-minded, and so on. Is this how you can treat your citizens?

And the third thing: attempts to force the Russian people to do something never in history have ended in anything good. Never. Therefore, the desire to force Russian citizens to do something looks very dangerous.

We do not want the third time - twice in the XX, and now in the XXI century - to be able to separate citizens and the state and as a result destroy this state and lead our society to a huge number of various problems?

Although, maybe this is the answer to the question?

Maybe someone is organizing an internal discontent, trying to raise prices - because they cannot be regulated, and now the prices of wood have suddenly doubled - they force people to vaccinate in order to cause discontent and so on.

One gets the impression that in Russia the fifth column continues to operate quite smoothly, its main task, which sets the destruction of the consensus between the government and the state, between the people and its leadership. Because in a situation of external pressure, attempts to destroy and weaken us, only this union of every citizen and the entire state is the only guarantee of our victory, survival and development. Think about it"

Full commentary by Nikolai Starikov can be viewed here.