Posted 28 июня 2021,, 16:42

Published 28 июня 2021,, 16:42

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Sverdlovsk governor asked the Russian guards not to frighten people

Sverdlovsk governor asked the Russian guards not to frighten people

28 июня 2021, 16:42
Фото: РБК
The governor of the Sverdlovsk region, Yevgeny Kuyvashev, asked regional officials to carry out inspections of observance of the mask regime without the military support of the Russian Guard, "so as not to frighten people".

As the governor said on the Instagram social network, employees of the region's Ministry of Public Security have been checking how the mask regime is observed in shopping centers and in transport since the beginning of last week. He explained that subordinates are engaged in such checks on his behalf.

"The commission was accompanied by the Rosguards - usually this is standard practice, but I agree that the armed Rosgvardia officers look quite frightening among the products and hangers with clothes", - TASS quotes Kuyvashev as saying.

A special moment of intimidation was recorded the day before in Moscow, where security officials brutally detained a mother of many children “for taking off her mask”. The episode caught on the video caused a storm of indignation on social networks. The residents called the siloviki who dragged the unconscious victim along the asphalt “sadists”. After the video of the brutal detention in Moscow went viral, the authorities of a number of regions decided to remove the security forces from checking the mask regime on the ground.

“In order not to scare people, I will instruct the ministry employees not to take military support with them and focus on explaining why you need to wear masks, even if you have been vaccinated,” the Sverdlovsk governor explained.

He added that checks are necessary, as during the decline in the incidence in the region, residents relaxed and began to forget masks at home. He stressed that masks will have to be monitored until the incidence of coronavirus decreases again.