Posted 29 июня 2021,, 09:35

Published 29 июня 2021,, 09:35

Modified 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

"Beach basket" has risen in price by 10%

"Beach basket" has risen in price by 10%

29 июня 2021, 09:35
The demand for goods for swimming and beach recreation has grown in Russia against the background of the abnormal heat. On average, a “bather's set” can be purchased in the country for 6,140 rubles, which is 10% more than a year earlier.

As the analysts of the Avito service point out, in comparison with last year, the demand for bathing goods increased by 20%. Over the last week, the demand jumped and even doubled compared to the previous week.

Experts note that inflatable pools have become the most popular product in the category for swimming and beach recreation - they accounted for 45% of the demand. 31% were fins, and the third most popular were inflatable rings, 16% . Almost 5% came from inflatable mattresses and 3% from underwater swimming masks.

The most expensive item was refused by the most popular product - swimming pools. On average, the price for them is 2,500 rubles. The growth since last year was 14% . Moreover, Russians have become 26% more likely to be interested in this product, and also 2.6 times more than in the last two weeks. The average Russian price for fins is 800 rubles. This is 14% more expensive than in 2020. Compared to last year, requests for them are made more often by 20%, and compared to the last two weeks - by 60% . Inflatable rings are sold, on average, at 550 rubles, which is 12% more expensive.The product has become more popular by 24% compared to 2020. For two weeks, the demand for it has grown 2.4 times. Inflatable mattresses cost 1100 rubles on average. The price has added 10% since last year, demand - 24 per year, and in two weeks - 77%. Masks are sold on Avito, on average, at 1,190 rubles. This is almost the same as last year, but now the product is 35% more popular, and 37% more than two weeks earlier.

"Growth rates in other categories (eg snorkeling goods) are slightly more modest. This suggests that this year, Russians are primarily trying to cool off at their summer cottage or in the nearest reservoir", - notes the head of the Lifestyle category at Avito Aleksey Kozlovsky.

As for the breakdown by region, the most relevant items for bathing have become in the Volga cities. On the contrary, in the Urals and Siberia, there is a decrease in demand for the "beach basket".

Note that in June, compared to last year, the demand for building materials and goods for repair and construction increased by 32%. According to experts, against the backdrop of the pandemic, Russians began to invest more effort and money in the improvement of their own homes and country cottages, since they have become not only a place for rest, but work and leisure.