Posted 29 июня 2021,, 12:44

Published 29 июня 2021,, 12:44

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Sexual issue is spoiling the united Europe: the President of the Czech Republic opposed transgender people

Sexual issue is spoiling the united Europe: the President of the Czech Republic opposed transgender people

29 июня 2021, 12:44
There is no agreement in the European Union on gender reassignment, first transgender people were condemned by Hungary, now the Czech Republic.

A new scandal may erupt in the European Union. Recall that the Hungarian parliament recently approved a law banning the study of materials related to homosexuality and gender reassignment in the country's schools. It ended with the fact that at the EU summit, Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte called on Hungary to respect the rights of LGBT people or to leave the bloc.

And now Czech President Milos Zeman called transgender people "disgusting" in an interview with CNN:

“If you decide to undergo gender reassignment surgery, you are essentially committing a crime of self-harm. Each such operation is a risk, and these transgender people are disgusting to me".

In addition, the Czech president admitted that he was annoyed by the #MeToo movement. At the same time, Zeman said that he was ready to put up with gays and lesbians.

Journalist Vladimir Drobyshev believes that Zeman was "damaged by reason":

“The symptoms have been observed before. In particular, he called the version that the Russians blew up military depots as unlikely. Got it for it in full, but did not stop going crazy. A huge scandal like the Hungarian one is coming. There, just imagine this horror, LGBT propaganda was banned in schools! Now the Czech Republic will also be kicked out of the EU. Or they will impeach Zeman ... Here it should be noted that Rutte is an advanced person, he is an experienced homosexual, and Zeman is a miserable straight man.

Well, what are these retrogrades hooked on to transgender people? If a person can change his faith and homeland - and these are now universally recognized rights - then why can't he change his gender? And who bothers? .. Yefremov's daughter recently became a boy - and what has changed?.."

By the way, the chairman of the Senate of the Czech Republic Milos Vystrchil has already put Zeman in his place, calling the statements of the President of the Czech Republic that the investigation into the explosions at the weapons depots in Moravian Vrbetica is considering not only the version about the participation of Russian special services - irresponsible: “I consider this a very irresponsible action by the president".

He admitted that Zeman does not exclude other scenarios of what happened, but the investigation, according to him, is investigating only the version with the Russian special services.

As a reminder, the explosions at the weapons depots in Vrbetica took place in October 2014. In April 2021, the Czech authorities announced that Russian special services were involved in these events. And Russia next declared the Czech Republic an unfriendly state.

Here is how the press secretary of the Russian Foreign Ministry Zakharova responded to this pick of high Czech officials:

- The Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Andrei Babis claims that the Russian special services were involved in the incident in Vrbetica and other versions are not considered.

- Czech President Zeman confirmed that he is considering different versions of the incident in Vrbetica.

“When there is no agreement among the comrades,

Their business will not go well,

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