Posted 30 июня 2021, 06:55

Published 30 июня 2021, 06:55

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Union of patients demanded the return of planned hospitalization of the unvaccinated

30 июня 2021, 06:55
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The All-Russian Union of Patients (VSP) sent an appeal to the Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko, in which it requires not to introduce planned hospitalization only for patients vaccinated against coronavirus.

As Izvestia notes, human rights activists demand a moratorium on compulsory vaccinations for hospital patients until a specific list of contraindications for vaccination is clarified.

Since June 18, the city authorities have decided to admit to the hospital only those patients who have confirmation of vaccination against COVID-19. “The exception is emergency patients, as well as people with oncology and blood diseases,” notes RBC.

The initiative of Moscow officials was quickly picked up in the regions. So, starting from July 5, regional healthcare institutions will stop providing routine medical care to patients who do not have a vaccination document (at least about being vaccinated with the first component of the vaccine). This is stated in the order of the Governor Sergei Sitnikov No. 500-r dated June 25. The authorities have promised that the new condition will not affect the planned hospitalization of patients with diseases that do not allow for a long delay in treatment. However, the lack of publicly defined clear criteria for who belongs to this category caused anxiety among residents. Disturbing comments began to appear on the forums:

“I think that soon special reservations will be created for those who are not vaccinated. In essence, they are not tenants anyway... ”. "It stinks of some kind of fascism (smacks of)." "Dr. Mengele approves...".

While residents of certain regions, who did not have time or were afraid to get vaccinated before the operation for health reasons, were looking for "escape routes" to clinics of other subjects, the roads were blocked. Already on June 29, the Ministry of Health issued federal recommendations regarding the compulsory vaccination of planned patients. Meanwhile, as noted by human rights activists, Russia still does not have an exhaustive list of contraindications for Russian vaccines against coronavirus.

"To date, the lists of contraindications for all diseases and human health conditions specified in the" With caution "section of the instructions for the medical use of vaccines from SARS-CoV-2, registered in the Russian Federation, are not stipulated in any way," the union's letter to the Ministry of Health says...

For example, the instructions for the Sputnik V vaccine say that the drug should be used with caution in chronic diseases of the liver and kidneys, the endocrine system and others. However, there is no exact list of nosologies.

- “We need a specific list of nosologies. Not just “liver diseases”, but what specific liver diseases”. - said VSP co-chairman Yan Vlasov.

Due to the lack of clear instructions, doctors do not know whether to allow the patient to be vaccinated, or whether he needs a certificate of a medical evacuation. Representatives of patient organizations note that until now, officials have not bothered to fix the routing in a medical institution of those patients who have contraindications for vaccination. The appeal of the patient organization says that the authors of the document are not against vaccination and are aware of its effectiveness in the fight against COVID-19. But while there is no complete list of contraindications, the GSP believes that for hospitalization it is enough to simply test an incoming patient for coronavirus.