Posted 1 июля 2021,, 09:45

Published 1 июля 2021,, 09:45

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Municipal deputy Ketevan Kharaidze ends hunger strike in the capital's pre-trial detention center

Municipal deputy Ketevan Kharaidze ends hunger strike in the capital's pre-trial detention center

1 июля 2021, 09:45
The municipal deputy of the Tverskoy district of Moscow, Ketevan Kharaidze, arrested in the fraud case, ended her hunger strike in the women's detention center-6 in Moscow.

Lawyer Mikhail Biryukov told reporters that the hunger strike, which 63-year-old Kharaidze began on June 19 in protest against her arrest, was ended on June 28.

As Mediazona notes, the arrested person was visited by lawyer Elena Grigorieva in the pre-trial detention center, who noted that “the body, of course, is very weak”, but now Kharaidze “feels good”.

The security forces detained Kharaidze on the night of 18 June. This happened after the deputy announced her intention to participate in the elections to the State Duma. A search was conducted in the deputy's apartment, and she herself was taken away for interrogation in the Investigative Committee. Officially, the investigation does not report on the essence of the charges against Kharaidze.

In order to prevent leakage of information in the media, the investigation forced the lawyer Kharaidze to sign a non-disclosure agreement on the materials of the preliminary investigation. Nevertheless, according to Yekaterina Uspenskaya, head of Kharaidze’s campaign headquarters, it is known that the security officials accuse Kharaidze of allegedly “hindering the commissioning of an elite residential complex in the Tverskoy district”.

The essence of the "obstacles" on the part of the deputy was that she "forced the developer to modernize the existing old sewage network", which could not withstand the loads. For this, she received a letter of guarantee to protect residents.

In detention, Kharaidze went on a hunger strike to protest her arrest, calling the case "completely political." After that, Kharaidze's defenders reported on the torture applied to the prisoner in the pre-trial detention center: in the midst of the abnormal heat, the prisoner was deprived of drinking water.

According to Kharaidze’s lawyer, the Moscow City Court has not yet set a date for an appeal against the deputy’s arrest.